New name, new products, new platform - The story of Qookware's re-branding

It all began in 2019. Two friends from Northern Jutland, Mike and Mathias, with a deep passion for good food, had an idea, and shortly thereafter, a new webshop was launched - and two entrepreneurs were born. On the shop, private consumers could purchase kitchen knives that they might have only dreamt of otherwise. These were knives of the highest quality, capable of making any kitchen shine.


Originally, Qookware started under a different name, Qknives.

Under that name, the sole focus was on knives. They had to be of good quality yet still be in a price range that was affordable for the average Danish consumer - even for students on a limited budget.

The knives were and still are their own design, rigorously tested by skilled and competent professionals and collaborators in the vast world of culinary arts. These include, for example, national team chef and owner of MN Dining, Michael Nørtoft, kitchen chef and owner of Restaurant Tabu, Glashuset, Tapa5, and V-hav, Michael 'Miv' Pedersen, as well as food blogger and owner of 'mad og monopolet' and 'Whisky tosse,' Mads Schytte.

And it was a great idea!


It would soon become apparent that the market was ready for more. So under a new name, Qookware, and with a new webshop, they now offer everything from knives and air fryers to cast iron equipment and wooden kitchenware. The strong focus on quality is naturally maintained, much to the delight of their growing customer base, which includes both the B2C and B2B segments.


Word got around, and as a result, Qookware's products are now purchased by companies for employee Christmas gifts and teachers for student gifts.


With Qookware's expansion of product offerings, a rebranding was necessary - hence the new name, which has retained its recognizable 'Q.' And with such a change, it was also natural to look into a new CMS.

They chose Shopify for this purpose.

We are thrilled with the collaboration we've had with MCB - especially with Mads. Mads is incredibly skilled at what he does, and he possesses a wealth of knowledge about Shopify. Having previously run a webshop himself, he also understands how the everyday operations work on the other side of the table. This means a lot to us!


We've achieved a significantly more attractive website that aligns better with our brand and products. Everything has acquired a professional appearance, and our products now exude a sense of quality consciousness. Therefore, it is now evident that we sell high-end kitchen equipment.

Mathias Lydersen, Qwner at Qookware

Shopify and Qookware are a perfect match

Qookware had a particular requirement for a new e-commerce system. It had to be manageable independently, not locked down to the extent that a developer would need to be called in for even the smallest change or addition.

When Qookware started its online journey, the needs were different, but with growing popularity, the company outgrew its previous system. Mike and Mathias wanted the ability to test good ideas in the system, develop it, and make it entirely their own.


Furthermore, their ambitions have grown. Denmark is no longer large enough, and Qookware aims to expand beyond its borders, selling in countries like England, France, and the Netherlands. This requires a system that can handle everything from languages to different currencies, including the ability to send invoices in various currencies.


That's why Shopify is the ideal choice.

Shopify has opened up many possibilities. They can test, move around, and add as they wish. Scaling to more countries is fast and easy. MCB has assisted with setup, configuration, and provided guidance and advice in Shopify, while Qookware has done most of the heavy lifting.


The shop has been built on a customized theme, ensuring easy adjustments to product pages, including metafields, metatitles, and dynamic functions. As a result, Qookware has created a visually appealing window to showcase its high-quality products.


To help Qookware get started in the new system, MCB also created a series of video guides that explain and educate. As a result, it's almost plug-and-play for Mike and Mathias, who are actively using Shopify to test good ideas and stay up to date.

This is particularly relevant in terms of advertising since Shopify provides better data and information than the previous system. Therefore, they can now work more effectively on their marketing efforts.


In this context, Qookware has also collaborated with MCB's tracking team to ensure that the shop always has not only valid data but also all the data that can be obtained. They have set up Server Side Tracking, including Google Consent mode, which allows modeling data on those who decline cookies. They have extended their cookie lifetimes for better attribution and more tracked orders, and their cookies are also more resistant to Ad Blockers.

Additionally, a new cookie banner has been set up in compliance with current legislation in this area.

A future with an expanded product range and a larger customer base, but the same recognizable 'Q'

Qookware is now entering an exciting future where expanding the product range is simple, and consequently, a larger customer base will naturally be built. Moreover, it is expected to be easier to convert new leads because the shop now presents itself more professionally and has a finer and better graphic expression.

At the same time, Mike and Mathias can manage the shop themselves and measure performance, making it easier to make the right decisions, especially regarding marketing initiatives.


The goal is now to become even better established in Denmark as the place to buy all your kitchen equipment if you want to ensure good quality and delightful products. This can be a process. Therefore, initiatives should be incorporated to ensure that the re-branding makes it clear to both current and future customers that Qookware no longer sells just knives.


Additionally, there should be development in the existing product range to make it stand out! And when everything is in place, Qookware will be ready to take its kitchen utensils and new Shopify shop to more countries.

Rasmus Høegh Refstrup
Customer Manager

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