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Sales are for the customer and not for your

Because the world and the market are moving faster than ever before!

Technology has taken over and content is now being produced at record speeds, information is readily available, and sales teams are no longer the only ones with the key to knowledge and know-how.

This leaves many sales teams with "heads in the mailbox" because their tactics no longer work.

Instead of being solution-oriented or adapting to the everyday life we have, they blame the marketing department.

But the marketing department is gaining momentum and the results are coming in daily and the moment an unknown person becomes the lead.
The arrow points only one way and it is right back in the sales department.

Does that sound like something you're experiencing?

Then it's lucky you landed here, because we can help you.

Our services


Analysis of sales funnel

The difference between a growing business and a failing one is the ability to identify the right opportunities.


The sales process

With insight into data, persona, past customers and marketing content, we are able to help you accurately profile your leads.


Profile and Persona

With the buyer profile and persona in hand, your sales team will be able to target and effectively communicate with the best leads.



The strategy for a good sales meeting is difficult and the decision on open or closed questions can be crucial to the potential lead. We help train your sales team with best practice.


Automatic Sales Work

More leads does not have to mean more employees in the sales department. Automate the heavy manual work and allow more time for the hot lead.


Hand-off from Marketing to Sales

We ensure that no lead falls through the cracks and a safe delivery between marketing and sales is top priority.

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The customer journey

Even if you have a clear persona and target audience, no journey is the same for a potential customer.

Every potential customer is unique and the journey from unknown to customer has never been more different than right now.

So how do you handle a potential customer with presence and no sales gas?

First, make sure you know as much about the potential customer as possible.
You also do not go to war without having an insight into how many tanks there are on the enemy's side !?

Fortunately, HubSpot registers every touchpoint with the potential customer and with inbound marketing, your marketing team has already made sure to equip you with important data and a knowledge of your business.

The result of these initiatives is a personal contact with the customer that your competitors certainly can not match.

Then you have control of your SQL's before a meeting such as.
Who is the customer and how was the journey?

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