Shopify Markets

Shopify Markets reduces complexity when you want to sell products across country borders. From a single store, you can expand your Shopify Shop to the entire world.

Sell to multiple international markets from the same Shopify store

One of the greatest advantages of digitization and globalization is that any business can take the leap, create an additional site, and sell in other countries. That's why more and more businesses today choose to expand beyond their country's borders. It's an opportunity to increase online success and take advantage of customers in other markets.


However, many people let the idea of expanding internationally remain just a thought.

It's a process that can be associated with significant and challenging tasks, yet it's often worth all the resources.


By expanding internationally, you can experience:


  • Increased market share: By expanding your online business, you can reach a larger and more diverse customer base. This means good chances of gaining a larger market share and, therefore, an opportunity to increase your revenue.

  • Trust: Many people are inclined to shop on online sites that have some form of national recognition. This means you can provide potential new users with a greater sense of trust when they shop with you.

  • Access to new products and suppliers: When expanding your business internationally, you'll gain access to more products and suppliers. This allows you to enhance your company's offerings and differentiate yourself from your competitors.


It's important to remember that there can also be challenges in expanding internationally, such as language and cultural barriers, as well as various tax and customs regulations. Fortunately, platforms like Shopify, with Shopify Markets, can help you overcome many of these obstacles. Our Shopify experts at MCB have extensive experience in precisely this area.


Shopify has made it possible for its users to establish an international presence quickly and easily with Shopify Markets. Shopify Markets includes all the necessary features when entering a new market, including domains, currencies, languages, taxes, customs, data, and much more. And best of all, it's all managed from the same online store, eliminating the need for multiple backends.

This means that Shopify Markets enables brands to identify, create, launch, and optimize their international presence, all through the same Shopify backend and your personal dashboard.



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Your many options with Shopify Markets

Regardless of your subscription with Shopify, you can make use of Shopify Markets. And if you want further expansion or upgrades, there are a wide range of different apps available in Shopify's own app store.


Shopify Markets includes everything you need to internationalize your business quickly and easily. Some of the key features include:


  • Marketplace management: Shopify Markets helps you manage the customer and shopping experience of your brand by enabling you to select and deselect various settings for different countries and regions.

    A market can consist of a single country or region or a group of countries or regions. For example, you can create a market called 'North America' targeted at Canada, the USA, and Mexico, while using a different set of settings for other countries/regions. In markets, you can set unique prices or differentiated product catalogs.

  • International domains: An international domain is a web address or URL specific to a country or region. When you create international domains, you create a localized version of your online store with the currency and language specific to that country. This helps your customers find an appropriate version of your store in search results.

    When your webshop is accessed in a customer's local language and with a familiar currency, there is a greater likelihood of the customer making a purchase. Additionally, you'll be able to create local product feeds for other channels (including Google and Facebook) and display regional recommendations.

  • Local currencies and pricing: With Shopify Markets, you can enable foreign customers to see prices and pay in their local currency.

    By default, prices are converted using the current market rate, but you also have the option to manually set exchange rates in your settings. For example, you may want to round to the nearest whole amount or use fixed prices in all currencies.

    Currently, this feature requires Shopify Payments to work optimally, but Shopify is planning to introduce more options later in the year (2023) regarding currencies linked with local payment methods.

  • Localization and content translation: Customers worldwide enjoy seeing content in their native language. Translating your store's content can lead to more sales because your international customers can better understand your marketing, product details, and shipping and return policies, which in turn builds trust in shopping with you.

    With Shopify Markets, you can easily get started with translations. With the integrated language translator, you can translate your content into any language you desire. It is also possible to integrate DeepL or other advanced translation engines with features like a dictionary.

  • Duties, fees, taxes, and shipping: Your customers may be subject to additional charges such as customs duties and import fees when receiving your shipments. With Shopify Markets, you can provide estimates for such charges, and you can also collect these additional payments at checkout if you meet the applicable requirements, including HS codes.

  • Streamlined checkout: Nothing is more important for a good conversion rate than a streamlined checkout flow. It's not just about personalizing your shop but also making the experience relevant and easy.

    With Shopify Payments, you get all the local payment options ready for activation on your shop, and you also have the ability to integrate other third-party solutions.

    Additionally, you can make things easier for your customers by automatically populating the address field using Google Autocomplete.



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Shopify Markets

Shopify Markets Dashboard

Shopify Markets makes international trade manageable with a simple dashboard that provides important information in a view where you can select and deselect what seems relevant to you and your business.

It can include all the data you need to maintain full control over your businesses, such as organized by markets, but it can also include recommendations that help you experience additional growth, ensuring that you make the most of the new markets.

Shopify Markets vs. multiple stores - hvad skal du vælge?

Is it advantageous to use Shopify Markets instead of creating multiple separate stores? There can be different opinions on this matter. In some cases, having multiple separate stores makes more sense than having a single online store. It largely depends on the flexibility you desire and the resources you have available to manage multiple platforms.


Regardless of which solution you choose, you will experience:


  • Better customer experiences: When expanding internationally, you can customize your online store for each market by offering local and relevant products, prices, and information, as well as supporting local payment and delivery options. This can enhance the customer and shopping experience and increase the chances of gaining repeat customers.

  • Improved visibility: Additionally, you can increase the visibility of your business across different markets and make it easier for potential customers to find you.


However, Shopify Markets aims to simplify the entire process of internationalization without the need for additional apps.


Therefore, with Shopify Markets instead of an approach with multiple stores, you will experience:


  • Centralized administration: With Shopify Markets, you can manage all your markets from one central location, allowing you to save time and avoid the hassle of logging into multiple separate platforms. It also ensures a more automated workflow.

  • Reduced costs: By using Shopify Markets, you can avoid paying for multiple separate subscriptions or business licenses. This can reduce your overall costs and make it easier to manage your finances.



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Frequently Asked Questions about Shopify Markets

What is Shopify Markets?

Shopify Markets is an international management tool that helps Shopify store owners expand to international markets. The tool assists with identifying, setting up, launching, and optimizing international operations, all within one store.

How does Shopify Markets work?

Shopify Markets includes features such as translating your webshop into multiple languages and converting prices into different currencies based on the visitor's geographical location. When a visitor lands on your webshop, they will see the website in their preferred language and the prices converted to the local currency.

Which languages and currencies does Shopify Markets support?

Shopify Markets supports a range of languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and many more. Additionally, Shopify Markets also supports multiple currencies, such as USD, EUR, CAD, AUD.

Are there any additional costs associated with using Shopify Markets?

The Shopify Markets features do not cost extra, but there is an exchange fee of 2% per transaction if you receive payment in a currency other than the store's default currency.
However, Shopify is on the way with new features to reduce this extent.

Can I choose which countries to target with my webshop?

Yes, you can choose which countries to target with your webshop by adding or removing the different languages and currencies available in Shopify Markets.

Can I customize the translations in my webshop?

Yes, you can customize the translations in your webshop using the Shopify Markets app or by editing the language files directly in your Shopify admin.

How do the exchange rates work in Shopify Markets?

Shopify Markets automatically uses the latest available exchange rate from the currency selected in your Shopify admin. The rate is updated automatically every hour.

How do I get started with Shopify Markets?

To get started with Shopify Markets, you need to enable the feature in your Shopify admin. Once the feature is enabled, you can begin translating your webshop into multiple languages and add the different currencies you wish to accept.

Can we assist you in getting started with Shopify Markets?

Please fill out the form, and I will contact you as soon as possible.

Rasmus Høegh Refstrup
Customer Manager