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Experience increased growth, more conversions and thus better sales with a Shopify Webshop. Find the subscription that suits your needs - and save money.

When you are ready for the paid version

Because MCB is Shopify Partner and one of the only Shopify Experts in Denmark, we have the opportunity to give you a free trial on Shopify, which does NOT expire after just 14 days.


With a demo account, you get free access to the user-friendly control panel and touch on how easy it is as a webshop owner to, for example, add new products to your online shop.


However, there are limitations to a demo account.


 Therefore ... When you are ready to go one step further in Shopify with a paid version, you have three subscriptions to choose from:


  1. Basic for 29 USD per. month (approx. 200 DKK per month)
  2. Shopify for $ 79 per. month (approx. 545 DKK per month)
  3. Advanced to $ 299 per. month (approx. 2,062 DKK per month)


Shopify also provides a solution for larger companies and B2B companies, which is called Shopify Plus. If you have a Shopify Plus account, you can use an Enterprise solution with built-in functionalities that can replace some of the roles you would otherwise use third-party systems for.


Shopify Plus therefore contains more advanced features, which are typically used for more complex solutions.


The price for Shopify Plus is based on a fixed price ($ 2000 per month) and commission per. order.

However, you can pay a maximum of $ 40,000 per. month for Shopify Plus.


 Of course, the larger package you choose, the more options you will have, among other things. in relation to lower transaction costs.


There is no start-up fee. And if you find that Shopify is not the right solution for you, you can quickly and easily delete your account and unsubscribe.


 When you start a webshop, the formalities should not be a concern, so your only goal is to get traffic that leads you to your first sale and success online.



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Meet your Shopify team


Mads Høegh Kongensgaard

Shopify Tech Lead
Thomas Nygaard

Thomas Nygaard

Shopify Developer
Jesper Ransborg

Jesper Ransborg

Front-end Developer
Lasse Bech Eiler

Lasse Bech Eiler

Ecommerce Solution Architect
Jacob Lykke

Jacob Lykke

Art Director

Our services


SLA agreement

Our team are experts in dealing with technical issues. When you have an SLA agreement with us, we will analyze, diagnose and solve the problems for you - quickly, so that your webshop will be fully functional again in no time.



We are experts in programming to handle all tasks regarding. Shopify, including front-end, back-end and apps. Our development team tailors Shopify solutions daily, and therefore we can always help you further at a good price.

Purchase more features

Purchase more features

Are you looking for a new feature or integration with your accounting software like Dinero or Microsoft Navision?

Then you can with 98% certainty find that app on Shopify’s App Store. Here, companies from all over the world daily build apps directly into Shopify.

However, you should be aware that every time you purchase an app, you also add something to your source code - which can affect other parts of your website.

Save commission money with Shopify Payments

Save commission money with Shopify Payments

Activate Shopify Payments in your Shopify webshop and secure the spontaneous sales while you can easily see everything that has to do with sales and transactions.

Shopify Payments is a secure solution for both payment information and company data. Shopify Payments is PCI compatible and supports 3D Secure payments. It gives you full and most effective control over your cash flows, as you also get the ability to track all your orders and payments from just one single place.

Which Shopify subscription should I choose?

Of course, you can always upgrade or downgrade your plan.


The prices for starting a webshop on Shopify depend on your ambitions and desires for growth. Depending on what requirements you make for, for example, the layout of your webshop and the systems it must be integrated with, the prices will vary.


A Basic subscription lets you create and customize your webshop while managing all your products, orders and customer information.


A Shopify subscription gives you greater insight into sales trends, which lets you gain a better understanding of your customers' behavior.


An Advanced subscription has the lowest credit card fees and transaction fees. It is suitable if you want to accommodate the growth and use analysis to develop your business.


You should be aware of the percentage commission that Shopify charges on all your orders. You will find it at the bottom of the table.


If you choose an annual payment rather than a monthly payment of your subscription, you can save 10%, while you can save as much as 20% by choosing a 2-year plan.



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Your Shopify Experts Partner

We are your Certified Shopify Expert Partner.


With over 20 years of experience, we understand your business - and that includes not just the digital aspect and the ability to build the custom integrations you need to meet your requirements. With specialists in marketing, design, and development, we can help you succeed with your entire business.






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The best 10 subscription features with Shopify

Whichever subscription you choose, you will always be well covered. You get:


1. Unlimited products. There is no limit to the number of products you will sell on your Shopify Webshop

2. Gift certificate. This is a great opportunity for you when you want to expand your current customer base and attract new, potential customers. A gift card can be used for more than one visit, and you can customize it yourself

3. Online sales channels. You can sell through your Shopify Webshop using a wide range of other sales channels. It can be Facebook, for example

4. Fraud analysis. Shopify has a built-in feature that marks orders that can be fraudulent. This means you can avoid losses

5. Discount codes. Build your customer base and give your existing customers an incentive to shop with you

6. Restoring shopping cart. An e-mail can be sent automatically to customers who leave the store with items in the basket without completing the payment process

7. Employee accounts. Allow your employees to perform common administrative tasks without coming into contact with sensitive information

8. Control panel overview. Get a quick overview of key analyzes such as sales, orders and data on visitors in the webshop

9. Financial reports. View financial information that gives you an overview of your payments and pending sales data

10. Customer support. Shopify's support team can always be contacted by phone, chat or e-mail - also in Danish

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