Increased turnover and user-friendliness with the switch to Shopify

BIKEWORLDs platform had become a too rigid solution that, especially with numerous developer hours, obstructed changes and new initiatives. That's why the bicycle shop switched to Shopify, to be able to work with the shop and its content themselves. And it has proven to be a very good decision.


BIKEWORLD is one of Denmark's largest bike shops, with its 1800 square meters of retail space and 1100 square meters of storage, located in Silkeborg. The family-owned business (consisting of the couple, Peter and Anika, and their 2 sons, Kasper/web administrator and Mikkel/mechanic) has been offering a wide range of products, competitive prices, high quality, and professional service for 25 years.


And there is plenty of space.

Space for Denmark's widest selection of bicycles, cycling clothing, and cycling equipment, space to immerse yourself, space for children and adults, space for everyday cyclists and semi-professional athletes, space for a good chat about cycling, and space to make a really good deal with the well-trained staff.

Visit, for example, the large, open workshop where all types of bicycles are serviced, make yourself comfortable in the lounge area with a children's corner, table football, and the opportunity to buy a refreshment, or click your way into the online shop at


The experience is just as good online, where you can find a bicycle, seek advice, and make a great deal from the comfort of your living room. Here, you can find the bicycle you're looking for, whether you're joining the trend and getting an e-bike or doing like many others and buying a racing bike.

Just like in the physical store, you'll find bicycles, clothing, and equipment from all the quality brands you know and love, so the selection is always tailored to meet your needs.


Physically in the store, the products can be seen and tried, which is often an advantage for cycling enthusiasts who pay attention to every detail and families with children who need to make sure they get the right size. Online is the place for everyone, especially those with a longer journey to Silkeborg and those who know that the price should also be fair.

We have experienced a really good collaboration with Mads from MCB. Throughout the process, he has contributed a lot of valuable knowledge, and he has been able to find a solution for everything we have requested.

From BIKEWORLD, we had indeed set a lot of requirements, and if the solution was not readily available, Mads developed it.


Therefore, there has only been a need for a few adjustments throughout the process, and then we all agreed on the design and functionality of the online shop.

Kasper Bøgelund, e-commerce manager at BikeWorld

A platform shift was necessary to achieve simpler online workflows

BIKEWORLD was previously operating on an old version of Magento, which had gradually become a too rigid solution with limited options. Updates and adjustments were too cumbersome, costly, and time-consuming, which meant that the shop needed an overhaul.


Therefore, the market was explored for a different system. The requirement was for it to be more flexible, less restrictive, allowing for many tasks to be handled independently without the need for a developer. This could include tasks such as changing the layout's colors to match the season or adding useful manuals and additional subpages.

As a result, design freedom and user-friendliness were highly emphasized.


The choice fell on Shopify, and a new collaboration partner, MCB, was selected.


Shopify aligns very well with BIKEWORLD's needs and desires, making it much easier to work with. It is intuitive and has contributed to a more enjoyable day-to-day experience for BIKEWORLD, enabling them to experiment and explore the many possibilities.


With Shopify, BIKEWORLD essentially started from scratch with their shop. In addition to the migrating, they developed a new design that better reflects current trends and customer demands. This means the shop now features a wide range of graphic elements, including videos and various types of dynamic elements, and text and images can be edited with just a few clicks.


The shop has also implemented a new payment solution and, as a result, a new cash register system that several have noticed. BIKEWORLD's customers report positively and experience good service. Trust is therefore at its peak.


Additionally, an extended integration has been developed for their BikeDesk POS. In addition to the standard functionalities, BIKEWORLD can now benefit from several options, including:


  • Automatic creation of both products and variants from BikeDesk to Shopify.
  • Automatic updating of price fields (price, previous price, cost price) in Shopify if they are changed in BikeDesk.
  • Updating of barcodes in Shopify if they are changed in BikeDesk.


This means that BIKEWORLD can manage product creation and price and barcode updates in one system.


External automation flows have also been set up to 'post-process' the products after creation or update, ensuring that they include the correct tags, metafields, weight, etc.


Furthermore, an integration with Klaviyo has been set up, making it possible to start marketing through newsletters and email automations. Today, exciting emails are regularly sent to a broad range of subscribers who respond positively to receiving cycling knowledge in their inbox.

The foundation is solid, now the future awaits

Now, a solid foundation has been established for further growth with the online store. BIKEWORLD can begin to implement everything they have wished for and looked forward to – from minor design adjustments to larger features that can enhance user-friendliness and customer loyalty.


This can be done independently, fitting into their daily routines.


With Shopify, all their desires are now possible to bring to life without necessarily requiring a significant amount of developer hours. Therefore, there is a substantial amount of work ahead for BIKEWORLD, as they become familiar with the new system. Fortunately, Shopify is so user-friendly that it doesn't create any concerns.


And the goal is clear.


Within just a couple of years, BIKEWORLD hopes for a doubling of online turnover - something that the new shop is already well on its way to contributing to.

The update, especially the layout of the shop, has not gone unnoticed and has generated a desire to buy. What once appeared to be a page in need of dusting off and potentially causing distrust is now a fine showcase for BIKEWORLD's online business.


Consequently, future scaling may be closer than originally anticipated.

Rasmus Høegh Refstrup
Customer Manager

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