Revenue increase of 650% with Shopify and full integration to Dinero

For nearly 30 years, Cassandra has been on a journey—and one year ago, that journey took a new turn. With a switch to the Shopify shopping system, full integration with Dinero, lots of new features, and hard work, Cassandra now stands with a new, attractive, and most importantly, effective webshop.

We must go back to 1995 and make a stop in the Danish town, Farum.


Here, Susann Kavli opened her physical store, Cassandra, which quickly became the destination for carefully selected, luxurious fashion clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories from quality brands—all in a unique combination with personal service. The store's selection always follows the latest fashion trends, and with Susann’s keen eye for the big fashion trends of the future, it's tailored to the customer's needs.


Therefore, the store is for you with a passion for fashion.


And the exclusive feeling has been carried over into the online universe;

Here you can explore brands such as Rabens Saloner and Anine Bing, and you are thus promised an inspiring look into a world of high-end fashion and luxury - and not least sustainability.

80-90% of Cassandra’s products follow the huge green focus.


Over the years, this world has created a wealth of loyal customers - both in the physical store and online, where there is eager trading with the B2C segment. And in order to continue providing high service to the many customers and radiate exclusivity, the shop has undergone a major transformation and renewal.


Today, the webshop is therefore powered by Shopify, which has enabled a plethora of functions, features, design adjustments, integrations, and not least custom solutions that ease the daily work.

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MCB, as our technical sparring partner, has been involved throughout the entire journey of renewing We have been guided right from the selection of themes to the subsequent adjustments on the shop. Together, we have developed and created an exclusive fashion universe.


It has provided immense peace of mind and security to have Thomas and Mads particularly by our side—they are always ready to answer questions, solve challenges, and respond to good ideas. We have never felt like we were second in line and have never been deprioritized or overlooked.


From time drain to revenue booster was previously operated on an older version of Magento, which had become cumbersome to maintain, especially in terms of integration with the ERP system. When the then-current Magento version expired, the company chose to explore other options.


The focus was particularly on finding a shop system that could make the work regarding bookkeeping easier and more time-saving. This had been a frustrating time drain, and the time could be used much more efficiently—especially now.


The choice quickly fell on Shopify, which in many cases is also the perfect match for an online shop like Cassandra’s. The Shopify shop has been fully integrated with Dinero. Therefore, the bookkeeping is now handled all in one place.


It was also important to find a system that is reasonably priced and easy and quick to develop further in, so the shop can keep up with developments both in terms of the underlying functions such as speed optimization, which streamlines internal work processes, but also in terms of the customer's view of the shop.


Today, the shop therefore reflects a much higher degree of credibility.


With the many themes in Shopify, it has been possible to build the shop in line with the exclusivity found in the physical store. The design follows the latest trends, it is beautiful to look at, and it is easy to navigate.

Cassandra made a decision to fully adapt their chosen Shopify theme to their unique needs and to the trends occurring within the vast world of fashion. So even though the selected theme was good, it could indeed be better. Today, the shop has a unique and well-crafted expression.


For this reason, user-friendliness has also significantly increased, both internally and externally.


And all this has yielded significant results.


This is particularly reflected in the enormous annual revenue increase of 650%.


Alongside the development of the new shop, the company has itself worked intensely on updating SEO in particular. This applies to images and tags, but also the many different texts found around the shop have been overhauled.


This work has, of course, also had a significant impact on both increased speed and revenue.


Revenue increase

After a data cleansing and import, approximately 7,500 products are now ready in Shopify

Cassandra had approximately 7,500 products including variants that needed to be transferred from Magento to Shopify—a number that might make many sigh as they watch the work hours fly by. However, in this case, the transition was handled quite smoothly.


The process began with a thorough data cleansing of the many products. This meant that all data was cleaned and organized via a product data extraction from the ERP system, Navision. This initially ensured uniformity.


Subsequently, the products were enriched with additional data from the old shop platform. This includes data such as detailed product descriptions, which ensured that all product information was as complete as possible.


The products were then imported into the Shopify product catalog with the necessary adjustments to align with Shopify's data format. It also became necessary to use a script that could ensure the correct delivery of images from Magento to Shopify.


Finally, all product images were renamed according to the product name, and the new filenames were mapped to the corresponding products.


At no point was there a need for an overwhelming amount of manual work despite the large number of products and different data formats between the two platforms.


Therefore, Cassandra now has a good product overview and the opportunity to further enrich the many products to capture the interest of the person buying into quality, sustainability, exclusivity, and fashion.

Rasmus Høegh Refstrup
Customer Manager

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