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Think of surfboards, wetsuits, and sportswear.
Over 30 years ago, that was the starting point for the first WestWind store. But a lot has happened since then. Today, along the Danish coast, you can find 24 physical stores, and online, you can shop for goods for both beautiful sunny days and wild stormy days.
And it's precisely this online shop that could prove to be a good business in the future!

Since its inception, WestWind has focused on offering clothing, shoes, and accessories for the sports and outdoor segment. Today, you can therefore find the latest collections from popular brands such as Fjällräven and H2O, as well as experience brands that are especially popular among foreign tourists in the many coastal towns. All available for men, women, and children.


Each physical store offers its own assortment, tailored and carefully selected based on demand in each city. From WestWind Sønderborg in the south to WestWind Skagen in the north, and to the online shop, the products available are not necessarily the same.


Therefore, visiting WestWind - both physically and online - is always an experience.


And with the online shop, there is a newer focus.

Although WestWind has been running an online business for many years, it's only with the switch to Shopify, a new design, and an easier workflow in its many features that serious work on the online business has begun - something that has resulted in a 30% increase in revenue.


It was particularly during the lockdown period under Corona that it became clear that WestWind has a significant online presence - and there was potential for growth. After all, who doesn't love to get out in nature, take up new hobbies, and generally live an active everyday life?

We have experienced a very fine process with MCB, from the design process to the completion of the webshop. MCB has handled the entire technical setup and ensured a ready-to-launch webshop. We have therefore communicated our desires, and MCB has either provided an alternative suggestion or executed it.


Especially Mads has been a strong collaboration partner from the beginning, always ensuring that we felt safe and secure. Regardless of the need or problem, we could always reach out to him - and that was comforting!

In general, it creates a sense of security knowing that we have a single contact person who knows our shop and engages in dialogue with us.

Tanja Kjærgaard Mogensen, E-Commerce Manager at WestWind

A good platform choice, a technical partner, and a custom integration have ensured that a dream has come true

The time had run out for the old WestWind shop. Therefore, something new was needed to meet both the internal needs and the external expectations of visitors.


Internally, there were a number of minor shortcomings and solutions that were difficult to work with in the existing shop. And the speed was far from what is expected today.

Therefore, the greatest wish was to find a new system that was easier to work with, faster to scale up, and user-friendly for both employees and visitors to interact with. A plug-and-play approach was a dream scenario.

Moreover, emphasis was placed on finding a system that offers a high degree of freedom, including the ability to adjust and design independently - without necessarily needing an experienced developer.


And fortunately, this dream has been fulfilled with Shopify.


WestWind first had a design proposal developed for the new shop. Once it was approved, the website setup began. MCB contributed both design inputs and other graphic elements and was the executing and technical partner for setting up the shop itself, as well as the important sub-elements that make the shop work. This includes setting up payment solutions and shipping setup, as well as brand verification assistance.


The shop solution is tightly integrated with WestWind’s ERP system, Admind. This is done via objects with API calls, ensuring that all the work done in Admind, including product and inventory creation, is also automatically reflected on the webshop.

Today, it is therefore easier for WestWind to add products to their shop, and gradually more products are being made available online.


WestWind's online inventory status also operates with a custom integration as a POS solution, hence it is linked with the many physical stores.


This means that today, WestWind has a visually stunning webshop with a proud visual expression. The website provides a very good representation of WestWind's vision, making it a perfect reflection of the company and the values it holds dear.

Additionally, it is easier to work with, and with specially developed integrations, it ensures cohesion between the physical stores and the online universe.

The sleek design, increased speed, and new features contribute to a 30% increase in revenue

With the new shop, it's not just the expression and workflows that have improved.


There is a 30% increase in revenue - generally through an increased basket size. This could be due to WestWind finding it easier to work with related products using Shopify's features, making it easier to inspire visiting customers to make additional purchases.

But the fact that the design has become more streamlined and appealing to interact with, along with the website becoming significantly faster, definitely also plays a role.


With the launch of the new shop, there has also been a greater effort in SEO. The SEO optimization contributes to an improvement in online visibility, thereby attracting more visitors to the shop.


Furthermore, active work is being done with social media, and the shop is integrated with the email marketing system, Klaviyo, which also enables a greater effort with both email campaigns and automated flows.


The fact that the new webshop is succeeding means that WestWind is more encouraged to take further steps with the webshop. So, what does the future hold?


In general, Shopify offers a world of possibilities for WestWind, which has yet to familiarize itself with a myriad of features. Therefore, there's plenty to get on with, and we at MCB look forward to being the sparring partner eagerly following WestWind.

Rasmus Høegh Refstrup
Customer Manager

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