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Cutting edge: New Shopify Shop defines the future of B2B

Being revolutionary is in CeramicSpeed's DNA - this is emphasized by the choice of Shopify's new B2B universe. With this, CeramicSpeed has embraced the mindset where speed, development, updates, new software, and time-to-market happen efficiently and without hidden costs. This frees up budget that can be invested in positively impacting a professional B2B roadmap.

B2B and B2C in over 80 countries

Ceramic ball bearings are used in various places, but they are especially popular in the cycling industry, where they can enhance performance. This is crucial for serious cyclists, where a few seconds can make all the difference.

They are CeramicSpeed's core product and are found in all the company's premium cycling components, sold both B2C and B2B in over 80 countries.

And specifically in the B2B area, CeramicSpeed is defining the future - not just in the cycling industry but also in e-commerce. Here, the company is a frontrunner in Shopify's new universe - Shopify B2B.

Customized B2B features ensure performance

Shopifys B2B-platform is designed to meet complex needs such as large order sizes, long sales cycles, and advanced customer requirements.


This includes, at the product and price list level, features like:


  • A minimum order quantity (e.g., at least 10 units)
  • Order intervals (e.g., 10, 20, and/or 30 units)
  • Tiered discounts (e.g., 50 units = 10% discount, 100 units = 15% discount, etc.)


These features also apply to product variants and can include special promotional discounts, offering tremendous flexibility.


All of this can be implemented without additional costs or development, proving that Shopify is a well-documented and tested platform.

And new features are constantly being added – the entire B2B universe is rapidly evolving.


For CeramicSpeed, this means a stronger B2B experience with:


  • 12,000+ price combinations
  • 3,000+ B2B logins
  • 10 price lists
  • 20+ shipping combinations
  • 3 currencies
  • 2 B2B backends
  • 1 B2C backend
  • 1 MCB Custom ERP integration


With the shift from Umbraco to Shopify, CeramicSpeed has therefore gained a cheaper and more comprehensive solution in terms of functional structure and capabilities. This has led to improved performance and speed – something felt internally in daily operations, as many work processes have been automated.

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MCB has helped create a well-developed and professional B2B solution that fits our specific, ambitious, and highly targeted needs.
Mads is sharp in his contributions and ensures that things are resolved in the best possible way.
He has always been able to share the latest knowledge in the field, which has allowed us to be first movers on yet-to-be-launched Shopify functionalities on several occasions. This means we have gained unique access, unlocking our ability to create an even sharper B2B universe.

MCB has taken the time to understand CeramicSpeed and our business, which has resulted in a partnership built on mutual trust.


That MCB has delivered at times when it seemed impossible shows that they are ready to go the extra mile for their partners.


This means a lot to us!

E-Commerce Specialist at CeramicSpeed

CeramicSpeed breaks the boundaries of the traditional B2B platform

CeramicSpeed encompasses multiple Shopify backends, catering to both B2C within different segments and B2B.

To create a streamlined experience, a custom integration with synchronization between the various backends has been established – something that also minimizes double work in product creation and product categories.


By making maximum use of standard features, an advanced pricing structure has been built, including differentiated payment terms and experiences. This means that some orders can be paid with a credit card, while often larger orders require invoice payment.


The differentiated prices per customer group include:


  • Product selection
  • Product prices
  • Shipping levels


Additionally, differentiated product catalogs are offered, giving selected B2B customers early access to new products.


Everything is managed behind a personal login, providing each customer with a personalized experience with applicable prices, discounts, shipping setup, and possibly other benefits tailored to the individual.


And there is still an exciting roadmap for the B2B solution – particularly, CeramicSpeed looks forward to the launch of 'bundles', which enable predefined packages based on, for example, price groups and the individual customer's purchase history.


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With early access to several B2B features, CeramicSpeed is a cutting-edge solution for a range of functionalities such as volume discounts, promotional discounts, and quantity intervals (minimum purchase).



Shopify Tech Lead at MCB



A custom product display retrieves data from the ERP system

The theme CeramicSpeed chose to use has been heavily customized to meet the needs of the company and its B2B customers.

All features are utilized, especially MetaFields, MetaObjects, discount functions (including extensions not originally included in Shopify), and a massive Webshipper setup, which bases shipping rates on customer types, are a significant part of the solution.

Additionally, a smart product display has been set up. Here, product recommendations and a special B2B list view are used instead of the familiar grid, which matches the B2B customer's buying journey and provides them with better search capabilities.

Many of the products may seem similar, so a display has been created that highlights the differences between the various components, with products side by side focusing on the differentiated specifications.

All data is automatically retrieved via a custom template at the product level. All products therefore get the same display with correct data - which is created once in the ERP system.


Sales Reps complete each order 5% faster


There is internal excitement, especially from the American department. Here, a different sales model is used than the one we typically employ in the Nordics. In America, a visit from a sales rep is often expected before an order is completed.


With Shopify's sales rep feature, which allows traveling sales reps to place orders via the backend using either a PC or an iOS/Android app, the easy checkout process needed is precisely achieved.

It is particularly efficient that each sales rep logs in and sees only the customers, related orders, and prices within their own sales area.


This results in increased user-friendliness, high customer service, and 5% faster order creation.

Who is CeramicSpeed?

The story of CeramicSpeed begins in 1998.

Jacob Csizmadia set the world record for inline skating with 505 kilometers in 24 hours. The skates were equipped with ceramic ball bearings, and two years later, Jacob introduced these very ball bearings to professional cyclists at the Tour de France.

It was a success! And CeramicSpeed was founded.

After many years of careful development and testing of the professional ball bearings, they are now in a class of their own, where world-renowned riders do not want to be without them. With their craftsmanship quality, the bearings offer outstanding performance and exceptional durability.

Rasmus Høegh Refstrup
Customer Manager

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