Shopify eCommerce Strategy

The sudden surge of the ecommerce industry brought about many opportunities for an extensive range of businesses. Let MCB show you how a well-designed Shopify strategy can take your company to new heights.

The MCB Edge

For more than two decades now, MCB has been helping organizations across the United States, Denmark, and Vietnam boost their ecommerce, website, and Digital marketing efforts.

Our e-commerce agency is a cut above the competition because of three unique selling propositions (USPs). These are the factors that help us propel our clients to the next level:


  • Accomplished specialists: Our marketing and sales experts have been in the ecommerce industry for over 20 years.
  • Modern technological advances: At MCB, we use the latest marketing and sales tools to serve our clients as best we can.
  • World-class services: Our multinational operations allowed us to develop strict customer service guidelines applicable to a global audience.


Our dedication to excellence led us to become a leading Shopify partner in Northern Europe. We have a passionate team of experts who use different Shopify components to elevate our clients’ digital presence.


  • Shopify Integrations: These enhancements offer retailers a diverse selection of services designed to run a profitable online store.
  • Shopify Custom Integrations: At MCB, we develop bespoke integration solutions for companies with specific needs that no other software can address. 
  • Shopify Custom App: Companies sometimes have requirements that mass-produced apps cannot fulfill. When this happens, we can build custom apps for different business purposes.

Our Services


Web Development

A whopping 75% of consumers base a site’s credibility on looks alone — including Shopify! We can help you create a standout, functional website to attract your ideal clients.



As with any business, Shopify businesses need SEO, email marketing, Google Ads and personalized promo efforts to achieve their goals. Even if you have a catchy site, you need campaigns to attract potential customers to it.



Apart from offering gateways, you can use Shopify integrations to simplify your accounting process. With such enhancements, you can minimize human errors in your report figures.



Your inventory management process should be accurate and cost-efficient. If you don’t have a reliable system, you risk failing to meet consumer demands and overstocking slow-moving items. We can help you create strategies to connect your inventory levels with your purchases and promos.



Because of the nature of ecommerce websites, they are prone to online attacks. Your site should always protect your customers’ data and finances from fraudulent activities. We can help you strengthen your site’s security to ensure safe and seamless transactions for visitors.



MCB can increase your chances of conversion by having a webshop that loads faster! Page speed can be directly correlated with enhanced conversions so you can make more money.

Advantages of Running an eCommerce Website

You might not have an ecommerce website yet, or you might already have one that you often neglect. In either of these scenarios, you miss out on an opportunity to achieve your sales and marketing goals.

Massive Audience
Experts estimate over 230 million online shoppers in the US market alone, inspiring over one million retailers in the country to run a Shopify site. If you adopt a Shopify or Shopify Plus strategy correctly, you can make your products available to a massive audience. Imagine the potential if you later decide to go international!

Reduced Geographical Restrictions
When you run an ecommerce business, you don’t have to be tied down to your office every day. You can oversee all its functions from anywhere in the world. Clients also don’t have to go to a physical shop to complete a transaction.

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No Limitations on Operating Hours

Ecommerce platforms are highly efficient in determining sellable items. Once you gather enough data, you can increase stock levels and later develop a diversified line of these products. When you find products that appeal to your clientele, it’s easy to grow your sales and customer base.

Measurable Platform
Ecommerce websites like Shopify provide decision-makers with valuable statistics, from sales to cart size and abandoned orders. Even advertising campaigns on online platforms offer measurable and trackable options.

Maximum Convenience
Online shops provide entrepreneurs and consumers alike with maximum convenience. Once you set up your store, you don’t need to process each order manually. With the right solutions on your side, you can automate the most tedious tasks. Additionally, if you design your site well, you can create a smooth process for your audience that minimizes the need for human interaction.

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Why do I need a Shopify Marketing strategy for my business?

Your marketing strategy is like entering your current location on Google Maps and saying which place you want to end up. It helps you steer your business in the right direction.

It is impossible to know if you have reached your destination (hit your sales goals) and if the sales techniques you use are effective.

A good strategy for your system landscape or digital marketing efforts will help you estimate your company's reach and your sales potential. You have fixed goals that are not only useful but also ultra measurable.

And what is not planned can not be accomplished so you succeed online.

By definition, a marketing strategy is a business plan that helps promote a company's goods or services in order to attract new customers and maintain strong relationships with existing ones.
(If that sounds boring, just keep in mind that even your largest businesses are created with a clear plan whether it's been on a post-it or 22 page document).

With more than 1,000,000 stores run by Shopify alone by the end of 2020, you can expect your competition to be big and quite tough!
So what's the good news for you?

With a world-class strategy for your eCommerce business, you will be in second gear right from the start and ready to overtake the competition.
For out of the 1,000,000 customers on Shopify, there are "only" 5% who have a concrete plan and take their eCommerce seriously.

The last 5% have made a killer marketing plan, tailored integrations to their 3rd party systems such as. shipping to be able to deliver faster than the competition or made sure that their Shopify Theme does not look like anything you can find in the 950,000 others.

Do you want to take your business 2 steps ahead of competitors whether the business has been around for several years or you are brand new to eCommerce?

Contact us today and get our 20 years of experience from day one.

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