Shopify Integrations

Today, Shopify powers over one million businesses worldwide, including mega-brands like Red Bull, Fitbit, and KKW Beauty. This figure represents businesses of all sizes and industries. Through app integrations, MCB can help organizations realize their full earning potential.

The MCB Edge

MCB is a multinational company operating in the United States, Denmark, and Vietnam. For the past 20 years, we have been helping organizations take their e-commerce, website, and inbound marketing efforts to new heights.


Three components set us apart from the competition. We boast these unique selling propositions (USPs) because they help us propel organizations to the next level.


  • Experienced professionals: Our specialists have a combined experience of 38 years in digital marketing and over 20 years in the e-commerce industry.
  • The latest technological advances: We invest in modern marketing tools that help us serve our clients as best we can, from customer acquisition to personalization and sales tools.
  • World-class services: As a multinational company, we adhere to strict guidelines, enabling us to provide our clients with exceptional services. 


Today, we are one of the leading Shopify partners across Northern Europe. A dedicated team of specialists can help you with any of these business components:


  • Shopify Integrations: These enhancements provide retailers an extensive range of services to help them operate a profitable online store.
  • Shopify Custom Integrations: At MCB, we develop custom integration solutions for companies that can’t find ideal ones in the market. If you need bespoke Shopify improvements, we can develop them for you.
  • Shopify Custom App: Businesses have varying business needs which mass-produced apps cannot always address. We can build custom apps for a diverse range of business purposes.



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Meet your Shopify team


Mads Høegh Kongensgaard

Shopify Tech Lead
Thomas Nygaard

Thomas Nygaard

Shopify Developer
Jesper Ransborg

Jesper Ransborg

Front-end Developer
Lasse Bech Eiler

Lasse Bech Eiler

Ecommerce Solution Architect
Jacob Lykke

Jacob Lykke

Art Director

Our Services


Shopify API Integrations

These programs convert customer-generated information into valuable business applications. Through these third-party integrations, we help businesses develop a better understanding of their existing and potential clients.


Order and Customer Management Apps

When a company starts growing, manual order tracking becomes a taxing chore. Automating order and customer management activities help create a seamless experience for customers.


ERP Connectors

These e-commerce components use a database to link independent systems, from inventory to shipping and accounting. These tools connect your processes and procedures for future-proofed customer experiences and business operations.


Custom Inventory Apps

Inventory management enables retailers to discover buying patterns, allowing them to generate reliable forecasts. Additionally, they keep storefront quantities updated. Sometimes, the ideal app for you is not available in any app store. If this happens, we can help you develop the right one for you.


SLA and Support

Don't have time to wait for Shopify Support? Our team are experts in dealing with technical issues. We analyze, diagnose and solve the problem for you quickly, so your webshop will be fully functional again in no time.


Custom Functionalities

As a Shopify app developer, we realized that USPs empower companies to gain an advantage over their competitors. Whatever modifications you need in your Shopify app — from same-day deliveries to free returns and instant promotions for perishable goods — we can develop it for you.

Shopify Headless eCommerce with Storefront API

Shopify Headless eCommerce with Storefront API

Headless eCommerce is online shopping everywhere and for the company that is hungry in the large international market and fits Shopify Plus.
It is flexible, it can evolve quickly and it positions you to be present no matter where your purchases come from.

Headless eCommerce helps you achieve all this in three key ways:

1. Faster time to market
2. Increased control and faster scaling
3. Increased personalization

A trusted partner for Shopify integrations

A trusted partner for Shopify integrations

MCB has been making integrations for more than 20 years for companies looking for a smooth and scalable sharing of data between their systems.

For example, POS, ERP, PIM, Freight are just some of the very familiar words for us as we integrated this into a myriad of Shopify Plus and back-end systems.

With it's expertise, you will not only find a company that can make the integration from A to B, but a partner where we will also challenge you through the process of being a partner who makes an integration that gives you success online.

For no company has a single workflow and that is not how it should be.

Your Shopify Experts Partner

We are your Certified Shopify Expert Partner.


With over 20 years of experience, we understand your business - and that includes not just the digital aspect and the ability to build the custom integrations you need to meet your requirements. With specialists in marketing, design, and development, we can help you succeed with your entire business.






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The MCB Shopify App Store

The Shopify app development system provides users with maximum flexibility. Using our e-commerce platform for your Shopify needs connects you with an extensive range of other tools that simplify processes and elevate shopping experiences.


You will find three app classifications on the MCB Shopify App Store:


  • Public apps: Listed in Shopify’s App Store
  • Custom apps: Available for installation for one shop
  • Private apps: Developed exclusively for your online store


If you want to customize your page into a standout shop, you can connect your Shopify account seamlessly to different systems. Below are some of the apps we recommend for e-commerce businesses.


  • Email marketing: We highly recommend using this technique as a convenient way to build campaigns designed for e-commerce. You can run coupon promos, A/B testing, and real-time reporting through an email marketing app.
  • CRM: You can improve your e-commerce business by tracking customer interactions, making CRM systems essential for success. We recommend integrating your Shopify account to a reliable CRM app for enhanced analytics.
  • Online marketplaces: Many sellers with existing shops on platforms like Amazon and eBay can easily migrate product catalogs into their Shopify stores.
  • Accounting software: Integrating your online store with such software can save you lots of time and money. We recommend downloading reliable accounting software for complex computations. Doing so will help you focus on other high-value activities.
  • Inventory management software: Overseeing inventories will help you manage cash flows, improve forecasts, and prevent understocking and overstocking.


Choosing the ideal apps may be overwhelming if you don’t have a plan. However, if you have a strategy for boosting your digital presence, these apps can do wonders for you. Most apps offer a free subscription for basic services.



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Frequently Asked Questions about Shopify Integrations

What is a Shopify integration?

A Shopify integration refers to the process of connecting or integrating the Shopify platform with other third-party applications, systems, or tools. It involves creating a cohesive and seamless connection between Shopify and other software solutions to extend functionality, automate processes, and enhance collaboration between different systems.

Shopify integrations can encompass various aspects of a business's operations, including inventory management, payment gateways, shipping, marketing tools, accounting software, and more. These integrations enable the sharing of data and automation of processes between Shopify and the associated systems, saving time, reducing errors, and streamlining operations.

What can you integrate with Shopify?

There are many third-party applications and tools that can be integrated with Shopify to enhance its functionality. Some common examples of integrable solutions include:

Payment gateways: PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.Net, and many more. Inventory management systems: TradeGecko, Skubana, ShipStation, and others. Accounting software: QuickBooks, Xero, Zoho Books, and more. Marketing tools: Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Omnisend, and many others. Product reviews and ratings: Yotpo,, Loox, and similar. Live chat support: LiveChat, Tidio, Gorgias, and more.

These are just a few examples, and there are many more integration possibilities for Shopify. Shopify has a comprehensive app store where you can explore and find the integrations that best suit your business.

How do you integrate Shopify API?

To integrate with Shopify API, you need to follow several steps. First, create a Shopify account and then create an app in Shopify's admin. The app will provide you with API keys and access tokens required to connect to the API.

There are different approaches to integration, including using Shopify SDKs or direct HTTP requests. You should choose the approach that best fits your technical environment and requirements.

It is important to have a good understanding of development and APIs to integrate properly with Shopify API. If you're not familiar with the process, it can be helpful to seek assistance from an experienced developer or Shopify expert to ensure effective integration. Shopify's documentation and developer resources can also be helpful during the integration process.

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