From 5 backends to 1 integrated Shopify store with POS

Maintaining 5 backends is hard work - something KarlsKicks had to realize as well. Therefore, everything has now been consolidated into 1 backend in Shopify with a new identity, a new design, and a new setup. And with POS, the shop is integrated with the physical store, and this simplification means not just increased revenue, but also an opportunity for easier scaling beyond national borders.


KarlsKicks is a Danish sneaker brand that was established back in 2015. At that time, Karl restored his own beat-up sneakers. He had a flair for it and quickly received positive responses on social media, where he shared his results. Thus, a business idea was born.

And shortly after, KarlsKicks was established as a company.


The focus was on sustainability and creativity. Good, old, and worn sneakers were to be given new life. They were to be transformed into stylish, unique, and personal sneakers.


This vision still holds nearly 10 years later.


Today, the focus is on upgrading, upselling, preserving, and protecting sneakers - especially rare and more exclusive models are restored with respect for the popular designs. Always sourcing the sneakers that no one else can find.

Therefore, everything from the most hyped, high-end sneakers to some of the most spectacular customs in Europe is sold either as new or used.


However, this alone does not drive the business. With the acquisition of the companies, and CleanSneaks, you can today also find quality cleaning products and accessories for the sneaker market - both in the physical store in Copenhagen (Copenhagen Sneaker Concept Store) and on the online shop,

And you can walk in directly from the street, visit the physical sneaker cleaning station, and have your sneakers upgraded and cleaned. KarlsKicks also accepts sneakers sent from across the country to the cleaning station. And in return, you get your clean sneakers - it doesn’t get any easier.

At MCB, we have met competent and skilled people - and we have continuously made each other better.


As an owner-manager in a medium-sized business, it has been fantastic to experience sparring with Shopify experts. And we know that with MCB, we have a lifeline and are not alone in solving the problems we may encounter.


It is a huge task to build a shop, enter new markets, and manage VAT, customs, and much more. It can quickly become complicated, and therefore my recommendation is to have a skilled and flexible partner for ongoing sparring and advice.
It provides security!

Martin Glarvig, CEO and sneakerhead at KarlsKicks

An upgraded design with features and integrations that ease the daily work

A few years back, KarlsKicks built its Shopify shop from scratch. The company ended up, after a struggle with customs, VAT, language issues, and the acquisition of several other businesses, having 5 different shops. This meant a lot of manual work maintaining 5 backends, which did not work together. For instance, inventory had to be created for each shop, and if a change was made on one shop, the same change had to manually be made on the remaining shops to take effect everywhere.


This was not sustainable and far too time-consuming - especially when there are better alternatives available. Therefore, an update - and a re-branding - was needed. The business was to remain in Shopify but go from having 5 backends to a single one that could accommodate multiple countries, languages, VAT- and currency regulations. 3 brands were also to be integrated into one unified brand. And besides simplifying the online work, the shop and the physical store were also to be integrated, among other things, so that inventory counting became automated.


And for that process, help was needed.

KarlsKicks, therefore, received a brief, and shortly after, the task was underway.


MCB created a visually appealing design that promised a new identity in a theme with far more possibilities and features. For example, it includes a filtering option that makes it easier for the buyer to search for specific shoes based on size and model. The essence of the previous design was to be retained, but it needed to be upgraded and look fresher and smarter. This means that the shop was built using advanced features that will benefit the business going forward - especially regarding internal processes. It has therefore been simpler to scale, and today the shop is available in Danish, English, and Swedish - and soon also in Norwegian.


The setup also includes a POS integration, which now ensures that the physical store and the online shop are tightly connected.


For KarlsKicks, it has been a long journey. And it has been demanding to build on and update an existing shop with an older setup of, for example, products and coding. It was a cleanup process that began - and it all pays off now.

Internationalization, warehouse logistics, extended integrations - with Shopify, the possibilities are numerous

Although it's only been a short while since KarlsKicks launched the new shop, an increase in sales that is tangible has been experienced. This is partly because all the physical sales were not previously registered in the shop, which is now possible with the POS integration, but undoubtedly, the improved user-friendliness also has a significant impact.


The shop has indeed become easier to navigate, and the visually appealing universe speaks to the user, inspiring them to invest in the maintenance and use of exclusive sneakers.


One thing is the upgraded design and the new possibilities it has brought - another is the internal workflows. Daily tasks are performed much more efficiently, and maintaining 1 shop instead of 5 means a lot of time is saved.

Shopify is now the primary tool. Everything is integrated from Zapier and Economic to Shipmondo, and over time more will be built on and developed further, which only increases internal user-friendliness.


All of this bodes well!


And it's motivating.


KarlsKicks is well on its way with internationalization towards Norway, Sweden, and Germany. And once Norway is underway, the next step is the UK. This means there will be a need for a large remote warehouse, so the company is competitive in terms of delivery and stock status. Therefore, warehouse logistics is also something that will need to be looked at more closely in the future.


From being a niche store with a few sneakers and many customers, KarlsKicks is today well on its way and ready to enter the market as a larger shop.

Rasmus Høegh Refstrup
Customer Manager

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