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UX strategy is crucial to the growth and success of your business. It’s essential that the customer experience of your clients is aligned with the vision and objectives of your company.

Why You Need MCB To Improve Your UX Strategy

We're a full-service Shopify agency with leading expertise in eCommerce, Shopify Plus, digital marketing and UI/UX web design.

However, an e-Commerce manager or business owner like you may possibly find yourself spending way too much time on system updates and maintenance while using a costly, locked platform. This could reduce your chance to improve customer experience on a daily basis.


That’s why it’s important that you look for integrations that will empower you to use Shopify within your current business landscape. An experienced Shopify UX research specialist like MCB can help enhance your Shopify store design strategy.

Our Services


Creative Direction

MCB provides an innovative creative vision for your company’s webshop. Our art direction and copywriting mission unite together to create an online store that your customers will find attractive, attention-grabbing, and engaging.



We ensure that your webshop accurately reflects your unique corporate branding. Our goal is to have your clients immediately associate your online store with your company. That’s why we produce visual and text elements for your webshop that are aligned with your brand identity.



MCB builds wireframes for your company webshop via Shopify. We utilize the content, research, and information architecture to create a design that exclusively focuses on layout. The wireframes include no images, just a single font, logo, navigation, and content boxes that are ideally positioned.


User Flow

We offer you a user-friendly backend for your business webshop with the help of Shopify. Your customers will find it easy to search, shop, and pay for products from your digital store. Shopify provides the necessary systems which enable your clients to order from your webshop.


User Experience (UX) Design

MCB ensures that the design of your webshop leads to an intuitive user experience (UX). We make certain that your online store is simple to navigate. As a result, your clients will have smooth, hassle-free shopping transactions with your company.


User Interface (UI) Design

We expertly design a clean user interface for your business webshop that is easy on the eyes. We make sure that the information is well-organized, the text is highly legible, and the sections of your online store are properly arranged for the sake of your customers.

How MCB Can Boost Your UX Strategy

MCB can upgrade your UX strategy by developing a user-friendly, powerful B2C webshop for your business. We will optimize your product pages, so your customers can quickly and easily order from your online store anytime, anywhere.

MCB can build you a B2C shop that can help you and your customers to save time and effort. This online tool simplifies and streamlines the professional trade between you and your clients. This webshop will ultimately provide a better user experience (UX). It could encourage customer loyalty, especially now that a growing number of shoppers use webshops when they shop online. In turn, customer loyalty may lead to an expansion of your business, whether on a local scale or even on a global scale.

The special functions of your company’s webshop will be advantageous to your business, whether your corporate customers buy directly from you or you are involved in a wholesale business. These functionalities will make it convenient for you to trade with both individual and corporate clients.

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Why MCB Is Qualified To Be Your Shopify UX Developer

MCB is more than qualified to revamp and advance the UX strategy of your company.

Experience: We have 20 years and counting of valuable experience with e-Commerce. Since 2000, we have provided services related to development, hosting, design, and ongoing maintenance of big and small webshops. That’s why we are the most skilled developers in northern Europe when it comes to Shopify matters.

Revenue: We have helped generate an estimated 8.2 billion worth of revenue for our clients over the years.

Solutions: We feature more than 350 e-Commerce solutions and counting.

Team: Our winning team is composed of over 45 employees who are committed to reaching success for the sake of our clients.

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The Benefits of Having MCB Develop a B2C Webshop for Your Business

MCB combines eCommerce, CMS, and PIM into one complete solution for your business. We provide direct integration to your ERP system, so you can conveniently and swiftly transfer data between your systems.

Here are the important benefits of having MCB develop an efficient, well-functioning B2C webshop for your company:


  • Your customers can enjoy faster and easier access to your products and services.
  • You may potentially experience a significant growth in sales and profit.
  • You have better chances of success with a customized B2C webshop that fits your company perfectly.
  • You can look forward to the services of several developers who are prepared to take on your technical challenges.
  • You have the advantage of a tailor-made platform that meets your company standards and customer expectations.


We at MCB understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why we make an effort to tailor our Shopify UX research to personalize your own Shopify store design strategy.

With your cooperation, we strive to find the ideal webshop solution for your business, so you can achieve your goals.




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A competent, reliable Shopify UX developer such as MCB is the key to maximizing your UX Strategy for your business.

Rasmus Høegh Refstrup
Customer Manager