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Streamlining and optimizing the order flow in an international setup

By consolidating both online and physical sales activities into one integrated Shopify Plus solution with integration to Shopify POS, Business Central, and Webshipper, Hårklinikken has gained control over its complex international structure while simultaneously improving logistics across borders.

Reliable order processing with Shopify Plus

Hårklinikken, the world's leading clinic in hair and scalp health, has clinics in Europe, the USA, and the Middle East, offering personalized scalp care that combats hair loss and thinning.

With a complex international structure and six different webshops, each with its own order flow, Hårklinikken faced significant challenges in efficient order management. The previous setup made it difficult to streamline processes, consumed many resources, and often led to varying customer experiences.

To ensure consistency across online sales channels and physical clinics, Hårklinikken, in collaboration with MCB, decided to undergo a major streamlining and optimization of their platform and setup on Shopify Plus. This means that systems have been centralized, processes automated, and reliable data processing ensured.

Hårklinikken optimizes operations and logistics with Shopify Plus' advanced features

Shopify Plus is designed to handle complex international structures while improving internal processes - all in one platform. With Shopify, Hårklinikken now has access to features that meet their specific needs through a range of optimizations.


The new setup includes:


  • Streamlining of order flow

    Hårklinikken has revamped the way they handle orders internally. By consolidating order handling from Denmark, the EU, the USA, Iceland, and the Arab Emirates through a new setup in Shopify, ensuring efficiency with integration to Webshipper, and modifying several processes in the Business Central integration, they have achieved seamless handling from order placement to delivery.


  • Global VAT handling

    Shopify Plus, integrated with Avalara, helps Hårklinikken manage customs calculations in international transactions as well as VAT and taxes, which in the USA vary from state to state. Customers pay VAT, customs, and shipping fees at the time of order placement in Hårklinikken’s checkout. Therefore, fees are included in the final price, avoiding additional costs in the customer’s home country.


  • Automation of packing and shipping
    Integration with the ERP system, Business Central, and the shipping platform, Webshipper, enables real-time inventory management and automation of packing and shipping calculations through synchronization, reducing manual tasks.

  • Advanced order management
    The new solution has enabled Hårklinikken to transition from manual processes to fully automated order management. With over 50 delivery options and 15,000 orders shipped per month worldwide, this has a significant impact.

  • Reduction of support tickets
    Previously, Hårklinikken experienced support tickets due to issues with VAT and customs. With Shopify Plus, these have been minimized, and there is also better coverage of shipping costs.

For Hårklinikken, this means a more efficient and cohesive organization, allowing for a strengthened focus on growth and customer satisfaction.


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The Shopify team at MCB has thorough knowledge and dedicated employees who immerse themselves in the tasks to solve them in the best possible way. You can sense that they have extensive experience from their business cases.


We have received a well-developed and professional B2C solution that fits our specific, ambitious, and targeted needs.


MCB has ensured the correct setups, integration with Webshipper, and various programming tasks. As a result, we have significantly reduced manual work.




Kirsten, Hårklinikken 

Head of Global Supply Chain at Hårklinikken

From complexity to automation with Webshipper

With integration to Business Central and close coordination in the Webshipper setup, including several automated workflows, the entire process from Shopify to the carrier is streamlined.


For instance, there is no longer a need to monitor each order, and whereas before, a person manually printed all packing slips and shipping labels, everything is now handled automatically. Accurate pricing for delivery, country, and weight is achieved, so customers do not risk overpaying for shipping due to previously set fixed prices per country. All shipping options and rates are now tailored to the specific order flow.


This has reduced the number of customer tickets and ensured better coverage of shipping costs. Hårklinikken previously experienced issues with double charges for VAT and confusion over complex shipping rules, leading not only to customer confusion but also to internal financial losses.


It is therefore believed that the new setup has led to increased customer satisfaction due to faster and more reliable order processing, with transparency in pricing and more shipping options. This is supported by the rising conversion rate, although it should also be noted that the frontend has been redesigned.


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With the new and advanced order management and shipping setup, Hårklinikken has gained much better control over their entire order flow. This has also made it easier for them to scale to new markets.



Shopify Tech Lead at MCB


Effective integration of Shopify POS in clinics

Hårklinikken also uses Shopify POS to synchronize between the six webshops and the many clinics worldwide. This enables a quick go-to-market when launching new products, campaigns, clinics, etc.

Today, the clinics in both Denmark and the USA are fully integrated with Shopify POS. MCB has developed flexible and user-friendly solutions that can be tailored to the individual needs of Hårklinikken's clinics. When a new clinic or sales location needs to be added, Hårklinikken can easily and quickly integrate with Shopify POS without worrying about technical details or design solutions.

This ensures consistency and quality across all of Hårklinikken's locations. The result is a cohesive and efficient sales strategy that strengthens Hårklinikken's brand globally and enhances the customer buying experience.

Who is Hårklinikken?

Founded in 1992, Hårklinikken has since become the world's leading clinic for hair and scalp health.


With headquarters in Copenhagen and clinics in Denmark, the USA, Dubai, Iceland, and the Arab Emirates, Hårklinikken offers personalized solutions for hair loss, hair thinning, and scalp care.

The company caters directly to consumers (B2C) and to select wholesale customers (B2B).


Founder and leading researcher, Lars Skjøth, has developed a diagnostic and consultation-based method that has helped more than 100,000 clients achieve fuller, stronger, and healthier hair. Consultations, which take place either online or at one of the clinics, allow Hårklinikken's specialists to assess the health of your hair and scalp so they can tailor a treatment uniquely suited to your genetics, lifestyle, and history.


The cornerstone of Hårklinikken's method is the award-winning Hair Gain Extract – an individually tailored serum that rebuilds scalp health, strengthens hair at the roots, and stimulates hair follicles for healthier growth. Complementary products include shampoos and hydrating treatments, all based on scientific research and proven results.

Rasmus Høegh Refstrup
Customer Manager

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