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When you choose MCB, you get the best support on your Shopify Webshop. We are both a Certified Shopify Partner and Shopify Expert.

How do MCB help you with support?

Do you want to sleep safely at night and know that you always have a partner who helps you run the best Shopify Webshop? You are lucky, because MCB is a certified Shopify Partner and Shopify Expert - that's why we provide the support you need.


With all our customers, we have a common goal; ‘Success online’.
And no, that's not a euphemism for something else, just to help you perform tasks, maintain results, grow them, and market them. We also always make sure that you feel safe and secure, and therefore we provide the support you need if problems arise with your Shopify Webshop.

And if there is a more in-depth problem at the core of Shopify, we have a dedicated partner contact at Shopify, who is ready to lend a hand 24/7. This means that you are assured that your problem will be solved and therefore you can quickly move on with the most important thing… Selling your products.

When you set up a Shopify Webshop, you are always guaranteed free, Danish support from Shopify yourself via e-mail. This means that you can always reach out with questions, problems and the need for sparring. Most often you get a quick answer so you can get on with your Webshop.


If you still think that you need faster support, a safe sparring partner and a collaboration that benefits your business, we are here to wave to you.



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Meet your Shopify team


Mads Høegh Kongensgaard

Shopify Tech Lead
Thomas Nygaard

Thomas Nygaard

Shopify Developer
Jesper Ransborg

Jesper Ransborg

Front-end Developer
Lasse Bech Eiler

Lasse Bech Eiler

Ecommerce Solution Architect
Jacob Lykke

Jacob Lykke

Art Director

Our Services


APP Support

We are experts in programming that can handle all tasks around Shopify, including front-end, back-end and apps. Our development team tailors Shopify stores daily and we can help you further if something should go wrong.


Service Level Agreement

Our team are experts in dealing with technical issues. Once you have an SLA agreement with us, we will analyze, diagnose and solve the problem for you quickly - so your store will be fully functional again in no time.


Integration Support

When you have an integration from either your ERP, PIM, DAM or shipping solution to Shopify, you will quickly be made incompetent if this integration fails. Fortunately, our integration team can quickly help you and monitor the integration, so you never have to think about this again.

Therefore, you should work with MCB

Therefore, you should work with MCB

MCB is a Shopify Partner, certified on the platform and we have over 20 years of experience in e-commerce.

In concrete terms, this means that we know what we are working on!

We are constantly up-to-date with the latest news and help many companies daily in their journey on Shopify. So whether it's help with the latest app, feature or just for advertising via Google or Facebook - then we'm ready.

A trusted partner for integrations

A trusted partner for integrations

MCB has been making complex integrations for more than 20 years for companies looking for a smooth and scalable sharing of data between their systems.

For example, POS, ERP, PIM, Freight are just some of the very familiar words for us as we integrated this into a myriad of Shopify Plus and back-end systems.

With our expertise, you will not only find a company that can make the integration from A to B, but a partner where we will also challenge you through the process of being a partner who makes an integration that gives you success online.

For no company has a single workflow and that is not how it should be.

Your Shopify Experts Partner

We are your Certified Shopify Expert Partner.


With over 20 years of experience, we understand your business - and that includes not just the digital aspect and the ability to build the custom integrations you need to meet your requirements. With specialists in marketing, design, and development, we can help you succeed with your entire business.






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Support with us is something where you know the contact you are talking to

To give you the best service, you will be matched with one of our employees, so you always meet this same contact person when you need support for Shopify.


And we put together an SLA deal that gives you the peace of mind you need.
That is why we also offer a weekly or monthly meeting with your regular partner with us, so you can get more than 20 years of eCommerce experience behind you from day one.

With our status as a Certified Shopify Partner and one of the only Shopify Experts in Denmark, we promise quality work and a knowledge of the platform that is not found in many other places.

That is why we dare to say… “You name it, we do it”.

We want to be your preferred sparring partner, so that a trusting relationship is built - whatever it is about detail-oriented questions, a need for larger guides or an intro to how you take over some tasks and build your own experiences.

We especially think that you will like help with:

  • ADHOC for frontend failure
  • Ongoing maintenance and optimization of your shop
  • Update on news and trends from Shopify with also our 400+ customers



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Frequently Asked Questions about Shopify Support

What does Shopify Support include?

Support directly from Shopify includes various resources and services available to Shopify users to help them effectively run their online store. This includes 24/7 customer service, documentation and guides, community support, and the Shopify Help Center.

The support provided by Shopify can vary depending on your subscription plan. Higher-tier plans, such as Shopify Plus, may have access to additional support resources and prioritized support. It is recommended to explore the different support options and resources available to make the most out of your Shopify experience.

What is an SLA agreement?

An SLA agreement (Service Level Agreement) is a contract or agreement between a service provider and a customer that establishes the expected service levels and delivery conditions. An SLA agreement typically defines the services being provided and the measurable criteria that must be met to ensure a certain level of quality and reliability.

An SLA agreement is usually developed to create transparency, establish expectations, and ensure a certain quality standard between the service provider and the customer. It is important for both parties to understand and accept the terms of the SLA agreement to ensure a mutually beneficial and successful business relationship.

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