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Cowine is a company that is rethinking the way to buy wine. With a focus on better prices for the winemaker and better wine for the wine enthusiast, wine is traded directly from unique wineries for the consumer. And it requires a very special ecommerce platform.

Cowine started as an idea at the lunch table when Covid-19 was at its peak. The idea turned into a project that is currently being run alongside the full-time job. Now the ambitions and dreams are that Cowine should no longer be a basement business, but instead grow big.


With these dreams also comes a need for a platform that can carry it. The choice quickly fell on Shopify, as it is a pure ecommerce platform that can handle exactly the scaling that the company dreams of. In addition, the dream is to create a large community between winegrowers and the consumer - here videos from the winegrowers will be created, so that a closer bond is created between them.

"Mads has been brilliant and we have been incredibly happy for him. We had meetings with many different agencies than MCB, but from the first meeting with you we got a one-sided idea that the task was understood, and you came quickly with constructive ideas and almost understood our needs better than we did. So with your fire in your eyes combined with our great idea, we were not for a second in doubt that MCB was the right choice.

Due to the way we sell wines, we have always known that our webshop should not look like the classic shop. We have received many special adjustments, as our site is not a regular webshop, but instead must function as you know it from crowdfunding sites.

Basically, we've really enjoyed the process with MCB. "

Jacob Dahl Andersen, co-founder

The collaboration with MCB

The important thing for Cowine was and is that all the functionalities are in line with the way the platform should work. is not a traditional webshop, and therefore the traditional Shopify solution was customized and thought of in a new way so that it fit exactly to Cowine.


The winemaker is what would normally be a t-shirt, where the variant is their wines rather than the size. In addition, the individual winemaker has some facts to fill out. These relate to, among other things, which country the winemaker is from, wine types, cultivation method and grapes. In addition, the joint purchase will only be realized when 100% of the target for these has been achieved.

The future of Cowine

Cowine went online with their Shopify webshop in mid-April 2022. Here, the webshop took the market by storm quite quickly, and if you take a look at the website, it has already generated a lot of traffic, and many have taken part in joint purchases.

Shopify is an easy and user-friendly system, but like all other systems, the working methods require a habituation. Now the founders have set out to become 100 meter champions of Shopify so they can learn all the unique opportunities that Shopify offers.

A pervasive purpose of Cowine is to provide better prices to the farmer and better wine to the wine enthusiasts. And with a scalable and strong Shopify solution, the foundation has been laid for that message and purpose to flourish and spread among the Danes.

Rasmus Høegh Refstrup
Customer Manager

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