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Fashion Company Strengthens with new Webshop

The foundation of Denasia was created in 1965 by the parrents of the current owners. Since then it has went fast for the fashion company which has developed and expanded with exclusive fashion brands for women. Today Denasia is a strong fashion house with experience primarily in leather and outwear.

With over 56 years of experience the Danish family-owned company knows how to design quality clothes for women in textiles, down, and leather. Denasia consists of a number of brands that accommodate clothes for women of all ages and sizes. Among them Nordmod is the latest show at the tribe. And it was precisely the new brand that gave rise to a collaboration between Denasia and MCB.

When we had specified that we wanted a new webshop we set a time when we wanted it ready, and it was a very short deadline compared to normal. But still MCB delivered at the agreed time. It surprised that it went so fast and still with a high quality and result. We got a good consulting with Mads from MCB during the whole process who continuously adjusted and added based on our meetings. This means that today we have a really good result.


All in all it has been a good process with good management. So there has certainly been nothing to worry about. And that is what we are looking for, because we need that special expertise. Otherwise we would be completely stuck. We would never even arrive at the same result.

Brian Wewer Nielsen, Export Sales Manager at Denasia

A Desire for Stronger Digital Marketing

Denasia had a desire to improve the company's online marketing. In order to fulfill that desire it was first necessary yo equip the online presence with the company's various brands. In collaboration with MCB, Denasia developed a new webshop built in Shopify with an underluing Spy system with ERP.

This resulted in a unified online universe under the name, Nordmod, which embraces several of Denasia's existing brands: BTF-CPF, CADDIS FLY, and NOTYZ. The new webshop therefore contains a wide selection of clothes for women


The strategy behind the webshop is not to be mistaken. The key word is quality. The vision is to create fashion inspired by the Nordic countries. And that permeates not only in the new name but also in the design of the webshop.


The close collaboration between Denasia and MCB has made it possible to bring dreams and vision to life. And it became the first step on the journet towards stronger digital marketing - A platform in the form of a webshop that is capable of carrying new marketing strategies.

A Future on the International Stage

The launch of is part of a larger plan which contains big dreams and high ambitions for the company. Among other things Denasia has a new men's line in the cast which will offer skins, outwear, and rainwear for men.


Most recently the fashion company has also equipped and expanded the team with renewed forces which will ensure that Denasia is strengthened for an exciting future. And it is a necessary feature when the goal is to strengthen and support the international markets where the company's B2B is already well established.


In addition to more employees the fashion company will in the near future get to know the machine room in Shopify better and gain som important experiences before the adventure can continue outside the Danish borders.


With the new webshop the foundation has been created. MCB's Shopify developers have dressed Denasia for a longer journey so that the company can continue with that they are best at - To dress its customers with clothes in a nice design and of good quality.

Rasmus Høegh Refstrup
Customer Manager

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