A future-proof webshop

Lemvig Indkøbsforening was founded in 1969. The purpose was with joint procurement to obtain favorable prices for members and others who wanted to buy through the association. A lot has happened since then.

Back in 1969 it was about selling clothing and accessories to fishermen. Today, the reality is different. Lemvig Indkøbsforening has changed its range to items within clothing, choes, and equipment for leisure sailors and nature enthusiasts. So if you are in lack of clothing or equipment for leisure or work, you can go explore

There is a special proximity at MCB where you do not just get an agency that you write with over the net. Even in doubt I can just drive out and talk to Rasmus from MCB. So even though it is the web we work with it is actually nice to talk to people in person as well.


I think it was great that Rasmus was my contact person throughout the process who was present at all the meetings. What I might have forgotten Rasmus had remembered because he has been involved from the start. When you have to manage many thing at once there are just some things that slip. And then I actually thing it was nice that Rasmus and I had been in a dialogue for some time so he knew our wants and needs inside and out.

Lasse Bertelsen, E-Commerce Manager

Freedom and User-friendliness were the Driving Forces Behind the New Webshop

For serveral years Lemvig Indkøbsforening has had a custom-made webshop which was gradually obsolete and difficult to change. Therefore, the company decided that it was time for a new webshop solution.


Lemvig Indkøbsforening had a burning desire that the new webshop should be more user-friendly and with increased freedom, so that the company could free itself from intermediaries in the form of developers in everyday life. At the same time, there was a need for a webshop with a contemporary look which was also able to follow the company in the future.


In order to be able to target and improve the webshop integrations of 3rd party tools were also on the wish list. Tools that for example can bring more knowledge about the customers so Lemvig Indkøbsforening no longer has to blindly guess who the customers are.


The wishes and needs were fortunately met in the collaboration with MCB. It culminated in a new webshop made with Shopify which has a user-friendly system, contemporary look, and is built on a scalable platform.


Among other thing, the webshop has a new function which makes it possible to see the available sizes before clicking on the product itself. This increases usability because customer does not have to click in vain if the right size is not in stock.

Collaboration Based on the Good Gut Feeling

The good gut feeling was a decisive factor for Lemvig Indkøbsforening's choice of MCB as a partner. It is a big and important project to get a new webshop which is why the collaboration must be based on a close relationship, understanding, and trust.


For Lemvig Indkøbsforening it was of great importance that Rasmus from MCB followed the process from start to finish. With the same contact person intermediaries are avoided, where misunderstandings can arise and information can be lost between two chairs.


In the collaboration between Lemvig Indkøbsforening and MCB the close partnership was therefore maintained, the understanding maintained, and with the trust intact. This is exactly what is highly valued at both Lemvig Indkøbsforening and MCB. And therefore it should turn out that the good gut feeling held true and was right.

A Future-proof Webshop

An important item on Lemvig Indkøbsforening's agenda was to build a webshop that is both strong now and prepared for the future. Shopify developers at MCB therefore ensured that Lemvig Indkøbsforening got a solid webshop which is armed for future development with new integrations and a larger customer base.


And it was no coincidence that the choice became a Shopify solution. With Shopify the company is guaranteed a webshop from which they do not grow out of. It is a flexible platform with space for large and small companies. In addition, there is a large development community that users can immerse themselves in to get to know the platform even better. And that was also a big plus for Lemvig Indkøbsforening.

Rasmus Høegh Refstrup
Customer Manager

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