Got a Shopify webshop only 14 days from the first meeting

Lux By Jakobsen is passionate about women's fashion in the cool way. That is why you will find an online shop here that does a lot to find the right styles at the best prices. Therefore, it is the place where you can find the items that can complete your look, whatever it is for everyday or party.

The primary goal is to offer more than just a buyer-seller relationship, and therefore Lux By Jakobsen will always help you as a customer to choose the right clothes, so you radiate confidence and look good - and that is also if you are buying basic goods.


At Lux By Jakobsen you will always get a good experience, as it is precisely your shopping trip that is in focus. And that is exactly why the design of the website itself is a very important factor. 


Visit and find everything you need for your wardrobe. Take for example a look at the large selection of beautiful dresses for both everyday and parties, delicious shirts that can complete any look and comfortable trousers that can be mixed with both sneakers and stilettos.

We created an additional sales channel

Lux By Jakobsen chose to initiate a targeted effort to make the passion for fashion visible. And for that, there is a need for a coherent look both when it comes to selected items, customer service, ease of use, and website design. To give the customer a good experience, the shop must therefore be modern and intuitive to move around. 

I'm very happy with your (MCBs) skill and your skills which makes me good! You are great at driving it down to a level where everyone can participate. You have managed to make a delicious design for my website, and your efficiency has really shone through from the start. You are nerds, and you really go in depth with things.

Birte Jakobsen, Owner of Lux By Jakobsen

Therefore, it was determined that there was a need for a new webshop design, which in collaboration with MCB was prepared in Shopify.

A very close collaboration

In order to achieve the goal of designing a beautiful and user-friendly surface as well as an extra leg of trade opportunities, a very structured to-do list was drawn up between Lux By Jakobsen and MCB. It appeared clear enough so that all parties always knew how long in the process the project with the new website design was.


A large part of the assignment also involved a thorough training and intense review of Shopify, so that in future Lux By Jakobsen will be familiar with e.g. design changes, improvements, and optimizations.

Why did Lux By Jakobsen chose MCB?

Lux By Jakobsen chose to cooperate with MCB as the inquiry was responded to incredibly quickly after the first inquiry. In addition, the whole approach to the task was very professional and serious. And then they were just an extra plus that both Lux By Jakobsen and MCB are well established in Central Jutland.

Rasmus Høegh Refstrup
Customer Manager

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