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A development collaboration that converts course participants

AMU SYD is one of the around 20 schools in Denmark that MCB helps to get their AMU courses out via a course module. The aim is to meet the market's needs for development, competence clarification and systematic training and planning, which supports companies' strategies.

"Our collaboration with MCB goes around five years back, when we started creating a brand new website. That collaboration is actually the result of a further conversation.


Many of the companies and course participants who need courses with from AMU SYD will typically contact us via our website or become aware of us through other communication.


And here MCB has been good at helping us in terms of being clear in how we communicate with the outside world and talk about all the course opportunities we have at AMU SYD."



At MCB, we have developed a course module for the Danish AMU schools. It helps to ensure that the course selections can be integrated directly on a given website, and everything that has to do with handling course offerings, operation and security is then taken care of.


But that's not all.


With MCB Education, there is also a 'Total solution', which is the result of close development cooperation with and between AMU schools in Denmark. This is a system that manages education plans, course registrations and much more and at the same time comply with the strict requirements for data processing.


And AMU SYD has had great success using both solutions.


AMU SYD was one of the first schools involved in the start-up of the MCB community for AMU Schools. And they are now one of the few schools that work closely with both marketing, CRM, Total Solution and the course module.

This means that the collaboration today covers both platform development and ongoing optimization that aims to convert new participants to the different courses.

A combination that ensures a strong position.

The goal has always been automations and ease of use

In recent years, the competition in the field of education and courses in Denmark has increased, and higher demands are now placed on schools, which should optimize their digital presence with strategies that manage to engage their target group and attract and convert course participants.


Therefore the collaboration between AMU SYD and MCB is based on developing both performance and solutions in a community based on trust and respect for each other's competences. Together with AMU SYD, it has thus been possible to develop e.g. the database, which today makes it possible to automate a large part of the CPC (Cost Per Click) traffic via Google Ads, just as AMU SYD has become able to send out automatic newsletters and other relevant information to selected partners based on current courses.


AMU SYD has then been a major contributor to our Total Solution. A system which today manages training plans and course registrations for the employees from the companies that AMU SYD works with, while also taking into account the strict requirements in relation to data processing in the area.


With that said, AMU SYD has truly managed to take the best tools within the digital, automated and commercial webshop world and translate them into professional initiatives that reach deep into the reality that prevails within the world of education.

Professional marketing within the education segment

However, it is not only in developments that AMU SYD and MCB have experienced close cooperation - the long-standing relationship also extends to the marketing department at MCB.


In order to grow the number of registrations for courses, there has been a need for effective digital marketing initiatives. With in-depth knowledge and experience in the field of education, we involve important channels such as Bing and Google, to create a presence where the demand for courses is found. In particular, we are talking about continuous efforts with disciplines such as Google Ads and SEO, which are fully utilized to ensure that AMU SYD gives highest priority to efforts with the greatest possible benefit.


We also ensure that AMU SYD is continuously visible on social media to the attractive target groups for whom selected courses are relevant. Here, a particular starting point is taken from previous course participants and the way they have acted online before enrollment.


With the ongoing efforts, it is possible to ensure that AMU SYD makes targeted use of digital marketing. And at the same time, the marketing budget is placed where the greatest benefit is experienced. The results are therefore closely followed, and there is a dynamic influence on the budget distribution and the prioritization of efforts, to ensure that the paid initiatives always serve AMU SYD best and most.


In addition to the close collaboration on the more technical and paid part of the marketing initiatives, we advise AMU SYD on new opportunities in the market and in a digital world that is constantly changing.

Bo Hedegaard
Director, Partner

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