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New site gives wild results

Aalborg Business School has a strong focus on user-friendliness for their stakeholders, and works purposefully towards constantly expanding their level of knowledge WITHOUT having to take up all their time.

Here you get the story of how with their new Masterpiece solution has achieved 465 % more traffic from mobile devices where course registrations now roll in, pick up course participants from all over the country and spend less time on management than before.

The choice of MCB as supplier

Aalborg Business School houses both an educational institution and a course center and thus has many different target groups. The wanted a new design of the website that accommodated usability and easy navigation, regardless of target group. Likewise, they were looking for a supplier who not only provided design but could also act as a sparring partner on ideas and functionality. Here, Aalborg Business School and MCB were the perfect match. Martin Rytter from Aalborg Business School says: 

We chose MCB because they made an exciting design for the new website with good functionality. At the same time, the already had a good portion of knowledge about the world of education. For os, it is important to know the area in order to meet the different needs we as an educational institution have. MCB takes the time to spar with us. They are not afraid to say: "Have you thought about...?" or "Could you do something like this...? MCB are good at keeping us updated on new opportunities and features, so we are always well-informed. It is important to us that out web agency is always one ahead and here MCB does not disappoint. MCB has the attitude that anything is possible - and we really appreciate that."

Martin Rytter, Aalborg Handelsskole

The requirements for the new

When everything is possible the hardest art is to limit yourself. For what was really needed? Through ongoing sparring and workshops Aalborg Business School and MCB together found the most important functions for the new site:


  • Tailor-made course module with automatic updating

  • Easy system management for employees

  • Integration with Google Analytics

  • Mobile friendly

  • Freedom of design

From desire to reality

Aalborg Business School offers a large number of course offers, which until now they had to manually create and maintain on their website. However, all the necessary data was available in Easy-A (the basic management system for vocational training).


Therefore, MCB developed and integration between Easy-A og's new course module so that all relevant courses are automatically updated in's course module. Likewise, Aalborg Business School would give their employees as much design freedom as possible in the daily work with the website. This was accommodated with the modular page structure which made it possible to place buttons and text exactly as desired.


Martin Rytter tells here how the interplay between course module and design freedom gave more registrations:


"Easy-A integration and automation has freed up a lot of time with us. The combination of great design freedom and extra time has been crucial for out course registrations. Among other things, we have spent the extra time on split-testing of out registration pages. Here we made a number of interesting discoveries that made us change the registration pages in the course module. The new setups have raised our conversion on course registrations considerably. Likewise, the new solution has improved the average session duration by 53 %"

The daily maintenance

There is a lot of content to maintain at - everything from offers and campaigns to information and page structures. So far, it has been time consuming for staff to update the page and ensure streamlined pages without outdated content. This has often meant that you have to review a large number of pages manually to ensure that for example a specific offer was removed completely from the site.


In's new solution there is therefore a relationshop module. This module allows you to create information in one place and relate it to as many pages as necessary across the website. Likewise, the respective page also only needs to be deleted in one place when you want to remove it again. This has also given the staff more time. Some of this time has been spent analyzing the performance of each course in Google Analytics:


"We use Google Analytics to continuously measure partly how many people visit out website, and partly how they use it. In relation to our courses analytics helps to give us and idea of which course areas are moving RIGHT NOW. We can also check up on whether the online advertising we are launching provides the desired traffic and whether it creates more signups. We are constantly discovering new trends and behavior patterns through Google Analytics."

Bo Hedegaard
Director, Partner

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