Automated and part of a community

ZBC has a strong focus on automating their daily tasks by ordering courses both for internal use, but especially for the future student. MCB's Education was the choice, and here you get key-takes from their transition and especially the experience of becoming more automated with the development community behind them.

Why did you choose MCB?

ZBC have known MCB for a long time and participated in their workshops for AMU/VUC. So when we looked into getting our old system replaced, we obviously looked in their direction - as many of our colleagues in the country are already using their system.


There is a lot of government control over how the educations are knitted together and that can not just be changed! Therefore, it also contributed a lot to the decision that MCB comes with the understanding, knowledge, and experience - so they do not try to make solutions that will change the way schools work.


Instead their system work directly into the everyday life we work with on a daily basis. Several og the external systems we had to build on were already connected to MCB.Education - so this also gave a plus

That the system is standard and that we are an active part of a development community with our colleagues who also use the system. Now we are jointly developing the best system, instead of each one building on their own solution.

Britt Rosenstand Hansen, Webmaster at ZBC

How did the process go from start to delivery?

From start to finish it has gone really well and the talk has run back and forth. Tine was the manager from MCB and with her, we always had someone we could ask questions and get concrete answers from. 


Through such a project, there will naturally be a learning path in a new system and this is now the one we are working on. Fortunately, we know we can always call for support and then we will be guided through to the right method.

Did you feel informed during the project?

Yes. The project to get MCB.Education implemented for ZBC did not go over time and of course kept the allocated budget.

Has MCB.Education heloed your daily life?

Absolutely! Several of out tasks are now automated and we have had many of our manual hours removed from the previous system and that is of course extremely positive.

Bo Hedegaard
Director, Partner

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