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Fully automated course platform that meets all obligations

College360 offers more than 50 different educational programs ranging from vocational education (EUD), higher technical education (EUX), higher preparatory examination (HTX), and higher commercial examination (HHX) to further education for both young and adult learners. With approximately 2,500 students passing through its doors annually, College360 is Silkeborg's largest educational institution.

The ambition is to foster academic, social, and personal development, which is why the school provides a diverse and enriching educational environment.

College360 provides courses, educational programs, and consultancy services to organizations and individuals seeking professional development. Through its extensive range of courses, you can strategically enhance your skill set, whether you are part of an organization, a job seeker, or an employee.


With a wide selection of courses to choose from, it is essential to guide potential participants through the process, from course selection to enrollment.


To ensure that the online experience is as pleasant as the physical one, College360 required a new solution to showcase its vast range of continuing education courses. The solution needed to offer clarity and make it easy to register for a relevant course. Essential information, such as course dates, duration, and support for any inquiries, had to be presented clearly.


Fortunately, MCB had already developed the fully automated course platform, which is already used by approximately 1/3 of all AMU providers in Denmark. It has undergone thorough testing and gained popularity.


The course module was integrated into College360's existing website, enabling a simple workflow that caters to potential course participants.


The solution encompasses:


  • Course offerings management on the website
  • Integration with necessary systems
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Security measures
  • Regular updates

College360 contacted us with a request for assistance in developing a fully automated course module for all their AMU courses. We have more than 10 years of experience in creating digital solutions for, among others, AMU and VUC (Adult Education Centers). Therefore, we are well-versed in creating simple and user-friendly platforms capable of handling and streamlining data.


Another requirement from College360 was that the module should be easy to manage and, of course, comply with all relevant regulations in the field.

Consequently, we designed and developed a course module for College360 that not only operates fully automatically but also adheres to all the rules and requirements regarding AMU course offerings.

Bo Hedegaard, Director & Partner at MCB

The potential course participant is taken on a complete journey

With the course module, College360 has obtained a webservice with full integration and updates from STIL (Styrelsen for It og Læring). Everything operates 100% automatically, which means the work was done only once, and the system will now work for College360, assisting in converting potential course participants.


All courses from College360 are automatically displayed in the online course offerings, reducing manual work and freeing up time for other tasks.


Furthermore, the system complies with all obligations related to course offerings. It ensures that only legally required content, including listed courses, is displayed.


The web pages are also search engine optimized (SEO-optimized), and there is full technical SEO support.


When a potential course participant visits College360 online and navigates to the course offerings, they are directed to a dedicated page created for this purpose. However, the design is seamless, so the visitor doesn't notice any shift to another page.


Everything is thoughtfully designed to provide a smooth user journey, making the visitor feel like they are consistently experiencing a unified flow throughout their interaction with the website.

An economical solution that complies with requirements and converts course participants

The course module is designed for all educational institutions offering AMU courses and having a basic need to comply with the requirements within the course offerings area. It provides a cost-effective solution while offering the necessary functionalities.


Moreover, there is another solution available that simultaneously fulfills all obligations and creates a user-friendly function for potential course participants to choose and obtain information about courses. Thus, the course module is a valuable investment that not only ensures adherence to the applicable rules but also supports course conversions.


At MCB, we have also developed our Total Solution, tailored for those who desire comprehensive functionalities and more.


This system can manage training plans and course registrations for employees from the companies they collaborate with.


It specifically addresses stringent requirements for data processing, especially sensitive personal data like social security numbers and information about conditions like dyslexia and union affiliations. As such, it demands additional criteria such as logging and consent when dealing with stored data.


Course administrations have also needed the capability to automatically summon course participants (e.g., for updating safety courses) while simultaneously maintaining an overview of company-affiliated employees. This applies to both registrations and applications for AMU reimbursements and competence funds.


The Total Solution assists with these aspects.


Key features include:


  • Automatic summoning of companies/course participants via email
  • Task management for course participant registration and reimbursement applications
  • Employee access to training plans through your school's own portal.
Bo Hedegaard
Director, Partner

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