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Umbraco Cloud reduces operating costs and increases usability and flexibility

With a focus on sustainability and innovation, Primo continuously adapts to the market's needs, resulting in a transition to Umbraco Cloud.
This has not only been a cost-effective decision but also a step towards greater usability and flexibility. Therefore, Primo stands stronger today, ready to embrace future opportunities.

Primo was founded back in 1959 and has since focused its activities on the extrusion of plastic.

It all started in the countryside - not far from the Danish west coast. However, the company quickly needed more space, and today the Primo group consists of 11 locations in eight countries with approximately 1,000 employees. Thus, it represents a massive growth journey.


Today, Primo is a leader in specialized plastic profiles for industries including offshore, transport, building insulation for energy efficiency, and construction with solutions like heat-efficient options, to name just a few. Primo is capable of delivering a multitude of plastic solutions.


Sustainability is highly prioritized in the design and development of new profiles. Therefore, environmentally conscious choices are constantly made. The FUTURE FIT initiative ensures that the sustainability effort is not just a choice, but a necessity that contributes to the overarching goals.


The company deals in both B2B and B2C. However, about 95% of the business involves customized products for the B2B sector, while the remaining 5% are standardized products for private customers.

With customized products, the B2B customer is always a significant part of the development process, which is why Primo offers visits to its production and development centers. Here, products are showcased along with ideas for future projects.

After just a week or two, it turned out to be much simpler than expected to work in Umbraco. Compared to our previous setup, it is far more intuitive and logically structured. Especially advantageous is the ease of managing images and keeping track of the URL structure. This has made our work processes more practical and efficient.

Thanks to the system's simplicity, we can now spend more time working on the website.


The collaboration with Morten and Bjarne from MCB has been particularly rewarding. They are very hands-on and accessible, and their approach to work is always very logical. It has truly been a great experience!


Last but not least, we cleaned up and got rid of bugs and inconveniences. We are convinced that similar errors will not occur in the future. With the new solution and the partnership with MCB, we feel that we are definitely on safe ground.

Aleksandra Plewa, Digital Marketing Manager at Primo

When one system becomes limiting, it's time to switch

Primo had been using the same system for a long time. At some point, they had to acknowledge that it could no longer accommodate the company. There were too many limitations, complicating the execution of new ideas and thus growth. Several issues could not be solved within the existing framework.

Therefore, the search began for a more user-friendly and flexible system that allowed room for development.


After discussions with MCB, it became clear that Umbraco was a perfect match for Primo.


Umbraco meets expectations in terms of flexibility and ease of use - especially as it is an open-source system that provides exactly the freedom needed. Moreover, it is cost-effective in terms of operation, setup, and further development. This means that it is now easy for Primo to continue working with the existing solution and, among other things, add new features.

This has made the daily workflows simpler and more efficient.


Despite the extensive site, including multi-language capabilities and the large amount of data required, the solution is hosted on Umbraco Cloud. Therefore, Primo operates with only a few operational costs - even cheaper than the previous site, despite the upgrade and the many new possibilities Primo can now utilize.


Umbraco Cloud allows for the consolidation of all operations and hosting. Therefore, aspects such as security and performance are also taken care of. So even though we are still early in the process, Primo can already see positive results. Performance metrics are on the rise, and a faster load time is experienced.

Umbraco enables daily work towards a high conversion rate

Primo had a keen desire to build a site in a system that could become one of their primary work tools. Today, Primo can independently work on, for example, their landing pages to achieve the exact desired expression. Umbraco is user-friendly to work with, offering templates, sections, and a generally logical approach for daily use, leading to significant improvements in the basic functions for Primo.


MCB ensured the customization of a series of templates, which Primo subsequently used for content migration. This has simplified the content work process, meeting great enthusiasm internally.


There was no need for a completely new design. Primo has retained many design elements from the previous site, but with adjustments from MCB’s design team, a more modern touch has been added to the earlier appearance. Therefore, the site has received a minor update in appearance, and several new features have been added.


MCB has not only been responsible for the entire development of the new site but has also contributed to easier workflows, a more contemporary design, and general back-office support when needed.


Primo’s focus is now on completing the entire content migration process – a task that is not daunting, as the company operates in a more technically stable system. Challenges can thus be met more effectively, and it’s easier to respond to market developments.


There will be ongoing adjustments to the design and user experience on the site, as the focus is on a high conversion rate. Therefore, there will be a continued emphasis on SEO and various forms of campaigns to support the site.

Bo Hedegaard
Director, Partner

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