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How BedUnion achieved the quality stamp 'Amazon Choice'

BedUnion is a family business with roots in Esbjerg. The story is traced back to an evening in a cottage 4 years ago. Here father and two sons sat across a cognac and got the idea to solve a well-known sleep problem. They were tired of their mattresses always slipping apart creating a crack in the double bed. And that's how the company came to be which today is developing mattress stoppers to solve just that problem. 

Since its beginning BedUnion has been in rapid development. Prior to the meeting with MCB, BedUnion has a desire and need to tread exciting ground on Amazon. The company eyed the platform's unique potentials, and they had the courage to jump into the otherwise unknown. But they did not do it alone. In close collaboration with MCB, BedUnion has succeeded in achieving success on Amazon, where the company has even achieved Amazon Choice, which is hallmark of quality that Amazon gives seller in each category.

"Henrik at MCB invited me inside the office in Holstebro. From the beginning he was down to earth, and we like that. We are from Jutland. So it has been a God-given experience. MCB has managed to lift ud into the Amazon world and help us solve our challenges.


When we call Henrik and he may not answer right away, we are guaranteed that he will call back within 1o minutes. It is simply so comfortable because there is nothing worse than not having one at the other end to help right away. But that does not happen in the collaboration with Henrik. He helps right away, and hopefully he will continue to do so.


Because we have to work with an Amazon specialist. In principle we could try to get acquainted with the machine system at Amazon but it's complicated and we would spend way too much time on it. We have other tasks that we need to prioritize our time on. And then we let the experts at MCB do what they do best. At the same time we have learned that working with Amazon is a difficult process where there is no room for error. That is why it is important for us to work with a specialist from MCB who has complete control over leading us from A to B."

Halfdan Møller Kristensen, Director at BedUnion.

Why BedUnion got success on Amazon

BedUnion found that advertising costs on for example Facebook were too expensive in relation to the return it provided. Therefore, it was time to go other ways. And that road become Amazon. However, BedUnion had learned through various seminars that Amazon was complicated to use in practice and therefore required special expertise. 


The collaboration between BedUnion and MCB helped pave the way for success on Amazon. Working with Amazon can be a slow process where it takes times before it yields results. MCB therefore helped increase BedUnion's sales on Amazon through effective ads. Part of the solution was also to develop computer-animated images to show BedUnion's functionality which also helped increase sales on Amazon. And after almost 2 years on the marked BedUnion still has 4.2 in average reviews.


The announcement and the computer-animated images were crucial to BedUnion's success on Amazon. Today, the collaboration has resulted in BedUnion achieving the coveted quality stamp Amazon Choice which improved placement and visibility on the large platform. The quality stamp means that BedUnion is now a recommended product to buy in the category they are in. The first time BedUnion hit the Amazon Choice stamp in the preferred category, the company experienced a doubling of sales. In consultation with MCB, BedUnion chose to further boost advertising in the ensuing period to maintain momentum. That should prove to be a really good strategy.


So Amazon Choice is in many ways a hallmark of success. And that must be said to be a result that speaks for itself.

A future on Amazon's big stage in the United States

BedUnion has the courage to continue working with Amazon. In the future, the company has ambitions to expand to Amazon in the United States.


The collaboration between MCB and BedUnion has made the director of BedUnion see the potential in the US market, where there are only even higher ceilings. The United States is the heart of Amazon, where a large portion of the population trades through. And BedUnion will of course be a part of that.


BedUnion is convinced of Amazon's unique powers, and even to such an extent that it may one day completely replace the company's use of Facebook.

Bo Hedegaard
Director, Partner

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