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How DK-Camp improved conversion by 20%

A behavioral analysis, by's visitors, increased the conversion on the website's preferred function by 20% and lowered the bounce rate by 20.51%.

At, the camping enthusiasts can get an overview and the Danish campsites and find relevant information regarding pitches, facilities and booking. Here it turned out that a good and fast search function was very important ... "No one had expected that the search function was so in demand"

Increased focus on visitors

In order to improve user-friendliness, MCB, in collaboration with DK-Camp, set up monitoring of user behavior on the website throughout August 2015.

The study showed, among other things, that the search function was significantly more used than first assumed. Therefore, they made a new and better design of the feature and gave it a more central location on the front and it paid off.

No one had expected the search function to be so in demand - and had we not done the analysis, we would never have realized it. The analysis has really given us invaluable insight into the behavior of our visitors. It has given us the opportunity to create a platform that to a much greater extent caters for our visitors and thus also the Danish campsites

Hans Jacobsen, Project Manager at DK-CAMP

20% more uses

Following the implementation of the new and more central search function, its use has increased by 20%. Likewise, the bounce rate on the front page where the search feature is located has dropped by 20.51%.

Why should you monitor?

With monitoring tools like Hotjar, it is possible for you to see your shop or your site from the visitor's point of view. This is done with heatmaps across devices as well as video tracking. Heatmaps show where your visitors click and video tracking records your visitors' mouse movements and action during their visit. Monitoring is continuous until a representative sample of sessions is collected. Then the analysis work begins. Contact us and hear how we can help you and your conversion rate.

Malte Bolvig Hansen
Digital Marketing & CRO Specialist

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