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How Søvn & Comfort got an opening rate of +48% and a click rate of +16% in its email welcome flow

Søvn & Comfort are the answer to good quality for both sleep and bedroom. Therefore, you will find everything for the good, calm, healthy, durable, and comfortable environment both online and in the store in Holstebro.

Søvn & Comfort is West Jutland's largest specialty store with beds in the best quality. The most important task for the employees in the store is to find the right bed for the customers. And since no two people are alike, you will find a wide selection of beds.


At Søvn & Comfort you will find for example a Hästens department with the complete range from Hästens. But you can also look in the wide selection of elevation beds, continental beds and box spring mattresses from Wonderland, Vispring, Viking Beds of Sweden and Röwa J. Marshall.


In addition to beds Søvn & Comfort offers accessories for the bedroom. The selection ranges from bedside tables, bed frames, sheets, bedding, duvets and pillows. And of course everything is in the best quality and in good materials.

For many years we have collaborated with MCB around our online business and benefited greatly from their great competencies into the online universe.

Flemming V. Kristensen, Owner of Søvn & Comfort

A welcome flow was needed

Imagine that you are visiting some acquaintances. You knock on the door, walk in the door and expect to be greeted by 'welcome to', a handshake and a smile. If it does not it is a very empty feeling and it almost feels wrong to have walked in the door.


Therefore, it is more important than ever to have a good welcome flow to its email subscribers. For just as in real life, no one wants to be met with overwhelming emptiness when they step over the doorstep.


A welcome flow is the first interaction you have one-on-one with your potential customers - and therefore it is also a must have. If you make sure to receive your new subscribers well, you have already started their long-term customer journey with a good service. And exactly that commitment increases the probability that the recipients get involved with your webshop, for example through a purchase, repeated visits and increasing activity on your emails.


And when it comes to bedroom accessories and good sleep it can be difficult to capture and retain the interest of potential customers, because how often do you need a new bed? And how many duvets and pillows can you actually use?


Søvn & Comfort has therefore had a hard time engaging new subscribers - but it changed with a welcome flow.


And even without promising the new leads an advantage for example in the form of a discount code, which today is a tactic that has been eagerly used. It proves that with the right setup and the right content, you can create loyal leads - because we all know that the leads that come in out of sheer interest are worth much more than those who sign up for a newsletter due to a discount code 


How Søvn & Comfort got good results

With 3 activating and inspiring emails with a focus on content that speaks to the target group Søvn & Comfort has managed to experience an opening rate of +48 % and a click rate of +16 %. It proves it is very much about hitting the spot with its texts and its graphic material in its emails, so that it matches the wishes and needs that exist in the target group.


The welcome flow is triggered every time a new subscriber comes to the newsletter. Shortly afterwards, the first email is sent out welcoming you nicely without focusing on the buying process and other sales-related things. At the bottom, just be inspired with some beautiful images to the selection of quality products available on the webshop and in the physical store.


3 days later the second email is sent. This focuses on telling about the wide range of products available at Søvn & Comfort, and therefore the new subscriber here is warming up for a future purchase. However, it is still without specific products and prices being mentioned or a buy botton being specified.


In both emails it is the recipient's need for a luxurious bedroom environment that instills a good sleep that is in focus rather than buy, buy, buy, and buy again. And it works!


The third and final email will only be sent out 1 year after the subscriber has signed up for the newsletter. The email is therefore a pat on the back and a thank you to the individual recipient for still following. It helps to increase the feeling of loyalty and thus also the feeling that you are important, remembered, and valued at Søvn & Comfort.


All three emails are kept in a bright, light, and airy environment that leads the mind towards the clean and quiet bedroom. Therefore, a common thread is constantly maintained, which exudes and awareness of good quality and the possibility of not compromising on the sleep, which must be both comfortable, healthy, and energizing.


Skærmbillede 2020-12-01 kl. 14.05.33


And even though the flow consists of 3 emails, there is no indication that interest is declining after the first. In fact, it looks more like it's rising. If you take a look at each individual email, both the opening rate and the click rate increase from the first to the third email.


The email has an opening rate of +34 % and a click rate of +9 % while the third email has an opening rate of +50 % and a click rate of +10 %.

Why did Søvn & Comfort chose MCB?

The collaboration between Søvn & Comfort and MCB goes far back in time, and therefore it was also natural that it was MCB's marketing department that was to be responsible for the efforts to get the automatic email flows going.


.Marketing therefore created a proposal for the welcome flow after which emails were prepared in line Søvn & Comfort's environment and target group. The 3 emails have been adjusted on an ongoing basis, and graphics have been updated so that the best possible result is always targeted.

Louise Færk
E-mail Marketing Specialist

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