Fast internationalization with Cloud - from 2 countries per year to 10 countries in 2023

Since 2015, Lampemesteren has typically launched 2-4 shops annually outside Denmark's borders. And in 2023, it is expected that a total of 8-10 new countries will be added to the already extensive country map.
Therefore, Lampemesteren is on a tremendous growth journey, where internationalization takes the top spot on the list of initiatives to ensure continued success.

Lampemesteren offers the largest online selection of lamps in the Nordics. Thus, the store is the ultimate destination for those seeking design lamps and home accessories. Design and quality are of utmost importance, and the exciting assortment is carefully curated to meet all your needs. You'll find a wide range of options, from classic and modern to retro and experimental designs.


Lampemesteren is more than just a store; it's an experience.


Only within the past few years has Lampemesteren entered the home accessories market. But why not? When purchasing design lamps, it makes sense to add other interior items to the cart for a cohesive shopping experience.
Consequently, home accessories contribute to larger basket sizes.


Currently, Lampemesteren offers around 110 different brands in its assortment. This allows the company to establish individual agreements with retailers while meeting the requirements of consumers in various markets.


As early as 2011, Lampemesteren had to admit that Denmark and the Nordics represented limited markets. Therefore, exploring further internationalization options made sense, and shortly afterwards Lampemesteren made its foray into Germany and in 2017 also into Finland - this was the start of a massive growth journey.


Today, Lampemesteren employs approximately 100 people across various departments, with the Customer Service team experiencing significant expansion. Consisting of 25 dedicated individuals, each handling their own country or language, Lampemesteren ensures a sense of security in different markets, while also achieving faster conversions by providing service in customers' native languages.

We experience tremendous confidence in our collaboration with MCB. The communication is excellent and honest, and whenever issues arise, they are promptly addressed. The operations run smoothly - and the scaling process is just as efficient.


My advice to anyone considering internationalization is - just go for it, take action for heaven's sake! It's better to do something than nothing at all. You don't need everything to be perfect to get started. Adjustments can always be made along the way.

Don't be afraid to make mistakes; you'll learn from them too.

Jørgen Bækgaard, e-commerce Manager at Lampemesteren

From thought to action - A ready plan for adding new countries

Lampemesteren is part of a larger group, LUQOM GROUP, which has access to a wealth of statistics on all countries, including sales data and preferred brands in different markets. By combining this knowledge with analyses from Google, general societal trends, and data from regarding traffic sources, potential countries are identified.

Thus, a thorough process precedes the decision to scale further.


When Lampemesteren has decided to enter a new country, with the data in place and the process ready to begin, they contact MCB. Since 2016, Lampemesteren has added new countries to the company annually, leading to the development of a reliable plan for how operations should unfold and be distributed when one or more countries are added.


The plan reflects the excellent collaboration between Lampemesteren and MCB, and it assigns tasks to both companies - all executed perfectly.

This not only demonstrates mutual trust but also enables easy scaling - ultimately keeping costs at a lower level.


The streamlined process also showcases the capabilities of the e-commerce system, Cloud, utilized by Lampemesteren for its webshop. Developed by MCB, our developers have full control over the system and can make quick decisions, develop new features, and adjust existing ones.

Additionally, Lampemesteren can propose improvements and new features for Cloud through an efficient Development Collaboration between MCB and all Cloud users.

This provides freedom, speed, and reassurance.


Recently, Lampemesteren has been targeting Eastern Europe, with Poland showing great success. It is an exciting market with many opportunities.

However, it will be even more thrilling following Lampemesteren's further journey into the world.

A sharp distribution of tasks ensures rapid scaling

MCB takes care of all technical aspects, including setting up Google Tag Manager to ensure proper data processing. The webshop is prepared for the specific country, with language settings, implementations, integrations, and backend work. Lampemesteren receives a template where all necessary content, including translations, is added.


Graphics, texts, videos, etc., are produced, and with the help of AI and various translation tools, the work of translations and text processing is further scaled. Validation is made extremely efficient and time-saving, allowing for launching up to 10 new shops per year instead of just 2.


A launch date is planned in advance, agreed upon by both Lampemesteren and MCB, and then marketing efforts are set in motion.

This includes setting up everything from email automations to lead generation. Traffic is acquired from sources like Google Shopping and Price Comparison services to bring life to the shop. Organic efforts are made to ensure product categories align with visitor demands.

Relevant articles with information and inspiration are also created.


Afterward, close monitoring of the launch ensures everything is running as intended, making adjustments if anything falls short of high standards.


Once the launch is successfully executed, it's only a matter of time before Lampemesteren sets its sights on the next country for expansion.

Michael Almstrup

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