A targeted site ensures AMU Danmark increasing demand for skills development

In a world that is constantly evolving, further education and skills development are crucial. And with a nationwide service, AMU Danmark is a strong partner for companies that want to reduce the amount of administrative work associated with further education. This message is now communicated on a new site, with sharp design and a new logo.


AMU Danmark is a nationwide association of 16 vocational schools and AMU providers, especially within transport, warehouse, and logistics, aiming to bridge the gap between companies and the schools offering further education opportunities.


Further education and upskilling are indeed two important topics when it is desired to promote growth and develop the workforce.


With Denmark's widest, combined education portfolio, AMU Danmark positions itself as a key player within strategic skills development, thus managing to address unique educational needs across different sectors and industries.

The focus, therefore, is on being an invaluable partner for other companies, among other things, by easing the large amount of administrative work associated with further education and upskilling.


This involves meticulous support throughout the entire process, from guidance and advice regarding Competence Funds to assistance with applying for EU funds and pool resources. And with employee powers of attorney, it is also possible for AMU Danmark to apply for VEU compensation and set up a reminder service that notifies if an employee's certificate is about to expire.


AMU Danmark thus assists in educational and skills development efforts, and in this way, the company helps ensure that employees receive the best possible education while supporting growth and innovation.


And in light of the necessity to communicate this message most effectively, there arose a need to create a website. It should serve as a hub of information where companies can easily find and access knowledge related to AMU Danmark's services.

Citat logo


When a collaboration just works, and the chemistry is there, it reflects on the outcome. That's why we at AMU Danmark today have a very impressive website that is visually appealing and offers exactly the opportunities that are needed.


MCB understands the workflows within the education sector and manages to convey them in a design - both online and offline. In addition to a website, we have also received a series of physical, printed materials that align with the new online design.


Therefore, MCB has helped ensure that AMU Danmark has a strong and recognizable profile in the market.


And it is precisely this visibility that is worked on daily in collaboration with MCB's marketing team, which helps with everything from social media and content to Google Ads, SEO, and general advice.

AMU Danmark feels in safe hands with MCB.



Søren Axelgaard, Sales and Marketing Manager at AMU Danmark

A consistent theme across all channels ensures better collaboration opportunities with the education and further education sector

For AMU Danmark, it was crucial to find a collaboration partner with a deep understanding of the specific context of the education and teaching sector. The choice fell on MCB partly because of references and proven experiences from similar projects.


The collaboration quickly resulted in a productive community, where a clear overview, a detailed plan, and a solid foundation for future initiatives were established.


One of the key factors was MCB's in-depth insight into the further education sector, which was essential to understand AMU Danmark's unique position. The initial dialogue regarding strategic approach and planning consequently led to the development of a contemporary website built on the Cloud, multiple graphic elements, and a modern logo that reflects the organization's internal values and external mission.


AMU Danmark now, with, has a strong visual identity, which also includes web graphics, icons, a design manual, and a uniform expression across various offline materials, including brochures, roll-ups, email signatures, and videos. 

And together with MCB's marketing team, investments have been made in efforts focused on visibility through, among other things, Account Based Marketing (ABM) and re-marketing, while targeted work has been done with online advertising, social media, SEO, video (including case video in collaboration with Hancock), and content to ensure wider exposure.

This has resulted in high performance with engagement levels above average, and the numerous inquiries suggest that all campaigns have been well received by the intended target groups.


All of this contributes to communicating AMU Danmark's important message in a brief, simple, and visually appealing manner.


And the project has indeed received positive feedback - particularly regarding the logo and website. The good feedback can be attributed to a clear coherence and meaning behind each design choice.

However, the effect is most clearly seen in terms of increased attention through inquiries from online campaigns, a growing follower base on LinkedIn and Facebook, and improvements in SEO, which enhances AMU Danmark's online presence.

AMU Danmark is now experiencing increasing demand from companies wanting to strengthen their employees

The intuitive backend now functions as an indispensable work tool, not only simplifying internal work processes but also optimizing the general presence with the option to share relevant content, including video cases.


Therefore, the future looks bright for AMU Danmark, which is currently focusing on capacity building to keep up with the increasing demand. And this is not only in terms of internal coordination, as there is also a look towards further collaborations with educational institutions.


With a clearer and more targeted approach to marketing, among other things, AMU Danmark can now position itself further in the digital landscape and thereby consolidate a more distinct profiling. This makes it easier to welcome new collaboration partners who can help to strengthen the community - partners in the future may also include regional units that can particularly contribute with resources in the local marketing efforts around the regions. They could thus be a great strength in outreach work.

Therefore, more emphasis is now being placed on gathering skills that can guide and support organizational development.


This includes further development of the Totalløsning concept. This system needs to be further developed and communicated more extensively to ensure that a company is assisted through all parts from the cumbersome paperwork to the processes that ensure the correct further education of employees.

Bo Hedegaard
Director, Partner

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