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In just 3 months, an effective SEO strategy increased organic traffic by 88%

Through a targeted SEO effort, including link building and technical SEO, as well as adjustments in Google Ads, Bolighuset is experiencing increased brand awareness. This means that potential customers are willing to travel long distances to experience the store's quality furniture, leading to a significant increase in both online and offline traffic. 

Standing out in a competitive market

While competing furniture stores buy cheaply to sell at a good price in an increasingly challenging market, Bolighuset has found the segment that does not compromise on high-quality Nordic products.

However, hard work is required to reach this specific and quality-conscious target group. Therefore, increased marketing efforts were necessary—particularly in terms of search engine optimization (SEO) and Google Ads, where Bolighuset had an ideal opportunity to optimize and thereby strengthen its online brand awareness.

With link building, technical SEO optimization, and adjustments in Google Ads, Bolighuset has achieved such good results today that more potential customers are willing to travel far and wide to visit the physical store.

Technical optimization of the marketing effort

To improve its online presence and reach more potential customers, Bolighuset has implemented a series of technical optimizations, including link building, technical SEO, and adjustments in Google Ads.


This means that targeted efforts have been made to enhance the website's performance, resulting in faster loading speeds and a better user experience. Consequently, the bounce rate has been reduced, and the likelihood of visitors staying on the site has increased significantly. Search engines like Google reward such technically optimized sites with higher rankings, boosting visibility.


The efforts include:


  • Link building
    A few years ago, Bolighuset, in collaboration with MCB, started a major link-building project. Over time, this has gradually increased organic traffic to the webshop.

    By building strong and relevant backlinks from trustworthy websites and blogs, especially within the furniture and design industry, Bolighuset has achieved better rankings for their products in search engine results. The improved visibility has made it easier for potential customers to find Bolighuset's quality furniture online. This has contributed to the steadily increasing traffic and exposure of their range.


  • Technical SEO
    The link-building process hasn't stood alone, and especially in recent months, there has been a more intense focus on the technical SEO aspect. When link building is combined with other initiatives, such as ensuring that the website meets Google's Core Web Vitals requirements and generally working with content according to Google's best practices, Bolighuset has managed to climb the competition on Google.

    Everything from branding and content on the site, including category and product descriptions, to keywords, has been optimized based on thorough SEO analyses targeting the audience and their search trends. This means looking at keywords to use, phrases to write, and rankings compared to competitors. As a result, relevant traffic is attracted today, which also generates revenue.


  • Google Ads
    Although SEO work has been the primary driver, Google Ads has also been optimized. Bid strategies, ad texts, and targeting have been adjusted, resulting in more effective and targeted ads for Bolighuset.

    MCB has also made it clear to Bolighuset how to work efficiently with Google Ads. It has become easier to get an overview of both inputs and outputs, and thus which products should be advertised more heavily and which should not use ad spend. Bolighuset manages to increase efforts on products with high interest, high margins, and conversion potential, resulting in an increased ROAS.



With a combined SEO and Google Ads strategy, Bolighuset has experienced an 88% increase in organic traffic within just 3 months. This should be seen in the context of the average order value growing by almost 20%.


The good results have given Bolighuset even more motivation for marketing efforts. In the coming period, the focus will be on collaborating with MCB’s marketing team to share the good work, which involves cross-channel advertising on YouTube and social media platforms like TikTok, and optimizing email marketing.



We have collaborated with MCB for many years, so they know where we stand marketing-wise. This gives us peace of mind because we can delegate tasks to them that we can't handle in-house. The things we can do ourselves, we handle with expert guidance from MCB.


MCB has made it possible to work concretely and purposefully with SEO, and for us, it has been a major game-changer. We are not SEO experts, so the tools and techniques MCB has contributed have been crucial.


Flemming, in particular, has been good at pushing us a bit. He has never hidden where we could optimize—and he has always been right. Today, we see that not only has our traffic increased, but our sales have also risen significantly.


Overall, the work has had a greater impact than we had dared to hope for!



Christian, Bolighuset-1 

Owner of Bolighuset

Significant increase in organic traffic and store visits

Bolighuset has experienced an impressive 88% increase in organic traffic over the past 3 months. This rise has positively impacted both the online and physical stores.


Many customers choose to travel long distances to visit the store after seeing the products online through ads on platforms like Google and social media such as Facebook and TikTok. The higher ranking on Google has not only increased online traffic but also attracted more targeted visitors who already know what they are looking for when they arrive at the store..


This has resulted in an almost 20% increase in the average order size, as customers are now better prepared and more focused on their purchases. Previously, they first had to figure out who Bolighuset is and what the store offers; now they have seen the products online and are ready to buy.

As a result, the service time in the store has been significantly reduced.



Bolighuset has achieved an impressive result with an 88% increase in organic traffic at a time when Generative AI is creating tough competition in organic search results. By focusing on technical SEO, quality content that adheres to E-E-A-T principles, and strong, industry-related backlinks, we have significantly increased visibility and traffic. This underscores the importance of a carefully planned SEO strategy, where continuous and effective efforts are crucial for increased visibility.



SEO Consultant at MCB


Citat ikon sort

I often use football metaphors to explain concepts in my work life. In football, success depends on solid teamwork. The players must work together and coordinate their efforts to score and win.

It works the same way in the business world. At Bolighuset, MCB plays an important role in achieving our common goals.

It's this ability to work together, where everyone contributes and teamwork is optimized, that brings success!



Owner of Bolighuset


The most important SEO tool - AI

When time is short, it's important to use the right tools - and on MCB's recommendation, Bolighuset has embraced AI technology in their SEO work.

In particular, ChatGPT has proven to be an important partner in combination with the data, ideas, and statistics MCB provides each month in a content brief. This brief gives an overview that Bolighuset can use as a starting point for their copywriting.

ChatGPT is used, among other things, to generate additional content ideas for various product descriptions and categories, making it more efficient to write unique and high-quality content.

Who is Bolighuset?

Bolighuset was founded in 2010 and has experienced steady growth since then. The company started as a physical store during the financial crisis, which made the beginning challenging, and many competing companies had to close down.

A few years later, however, Bolighuset launched an online store, which strengthened their market position. The webshop has expanded Bolighuset's market to abroad - especially to Norway and Germany, but also to China, Singapore, and the USA, where Nordic design trends are popular.


Today, Bolighuset employs ten people and has a turnover that is evenly split between the physical store and the webshop.

The store features a 2000 m² showroom with a carefully selected range for furnishing all rooms of the home. The range is primarily aimed at the B2C market within the segment that also focuses on quality furniture.


With a combination of quality products and a strategic online presence, Bolighuset has created a strong position in the furniture industry. They offer a unique combination of personal service and inspiring exhibitions, creating a complete customer experience - both online and in-store, meeting all home furnishing needs.

Tina Poulsen
Chief of Digital Marketing

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