46% higher email revenue after switching from Mailchimp to ActiveCampaign

Friluftsland needed new features and possibilities for their extensive email marketing efforts. MailChimp was becoming a limitation in terms of CMS integration and was also struggling to accommodate the many great ideas and ambitious goals. Therefore, the choice fell on ActiveCampaign, which to a much greater extent accommodates the growing number of subscribers, personalized broadcasts, and curiosity about additional initiatives, including tracking.


Since 1980, Friluftsland has achieved a certain status among outdoor enthusiasts—the quality gear and conversations around the campfire and in clubhouses have borne fruit. Today, the company is the leading outdoor chain in the market, consisting of a total of 11 stores, a Fjällräven Store, and a large central warehouse, which forms the basis for the successful webshop.


The specialty is equipment and clothing for active outdoor life, and therefore you will find a wide selection of backpacks, tents, jackets, hiking boots, and much more at competitive prices. All products are carefully selected for quality, and the clerks in the physical stores have personal experience with the outdoors—thus, at Friluftsland, you are always assured of proper products and serious guidance.


This message lives—and needs to be spread further.

Therefore, strategic and effective marketing is worked on daily. It is no longer enough with a chat around the campfire. The world has changed, and it is impossible to avoid investments in marketing. To maintain high demand and to be able to provide as good a service online as in physical stores, extensive efforts are made with email marketing.


This is a channel that not only nurtures good and loyal customers but also drives reputation and revenue.

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Our collaboration with MCB on ActiveCampaign has helped us to highlight the value of email marketing.


Our previous email marketing tool did not integrate with our e-commerce system, Cloud, so we only had Google Analytics for tracking. Now, with ActiveCampaign and a custom-developed e-commerce integration, we have access to automated interest emails and abandoned cart.


We are paying essentially the same price as for our previous email marketing tool, despite having access to e-commerce data, automated emails, and easy onboarding of Facebook leads.


We have also become much wiser about the cost of a lead, as we can track first-time buyers and value new leads.


In addition to demonstrating the value of our work, we have also acquired an email marketing tool that is easier and more intuitive to work with on a daily basis. This has saved time in our production.

Thomas Ferm Fischer, Head of Ecommerce and online at Friluftsland

A custom-developed e-commerce integration ensures a large data foundation for segmented and personalized emails

In November 2021, the collaboration between Friluftsland and MCB began, and shortly thereafter, the company was able to launch a brand new platform built in Cloud. It has been an impressive journey since then, which has led to an increased conversion rate of 20%.
You can read much more about it here.


And the collaboration has further developed.


Friluftsland previously used MailChimp for its email marketing. However, the system quickly became a limitation regarding CMS integration, and therefore, everything related to email was converted to the marketing automation platform, ActiveCampaign.


This system offers far more opportunities, better accommodating the many great ideas and ambitious goals Friluftsland has for their email marketing.


A direct integration to ActiveCampaign from Cloud has been built, as well as a custom-developed e-commerce integration by MCB, which allows for further tracking and thus a larger database consisting of purchase data and history for use in email broadcasts and their analysis.


With ActiveCampaign, Friluftsland has thus opened up boundless possibilities with their email marketing. It also means that the company, in collaboration with MCB’s email marketing expert, has developed a large setup in ActiveCampaign—and it is growing.


This includes a welcome flow, an abandoned cart flow, multiple interest flows, and several service flows—all with automated emails that are data-driven, personalized, and segmented, so they arrive in the inbox of an increasing number of subscribers at just the right times.


By using automation flows triggered by specific customer actions based on purchase data, it has been possible to create a more dynamic and responsive communication that effectively guides the customer through the purchasing journey.


And the close collaboration has been valuable.


To get to where we are today, there has been a need for the specialist knowledge that Friluftsland has built up over the years. This applies, for example, when it comes to prioritizing content related to texts, products, articles, and images in emails, and when content needs to be delivered. Friluftsland has consistently contributed useful information, making it possible to build emails that speak directly to the target audience.

The strong email setup driven by data and tracking has a positive impact on the growth curve

With the migration to ActiveCampaign, Friluftsland has not only experienced a simplification of the workflows within email marketing—the transition has also paved the way for the implementation of much more advanced and data-driven marketing strategies. ActiveCampaign's robust automation and segmentation tools have enabled an approach where communication is tailored to the recipient's interests and past behavior, increasing the relevance and effectiveness of each email.

This is particularly evident in the various interest flows, which send automated emails based on, among other things, browsing history and focusing on the products the visitor has shown interest in.


The migration has thus enabled Friluftsland to explore and exploit new opportunities for growth within the outdoor segment, including offering a more personal and engaging online service based on tracking results.


And the growth curve has already taken a significant upward turn.

The initiatives have had a noticeable impact on the company's results, evident in both ActiveCampaign's own reports and Google Analytics.


Looking at the period from September 1, 2023, to March 25 of this year compared to the same period last year, we can see that the revenue generated from email has increased by a full 46%, while the number of purchases has risen by about 18%.

These are figures that should also be compared with generally high open rates and click rates on automated emails.


These results indicate that Friluftsland's email communication not only reaches the inbox but also resonates well with the target audience, who respond and actively engage with the content sent. This may be due to the more personalized and segmented approach to automated email broadcasts, but also that the company has generally built a stronger email setup.

Louise Færk
E-mail Marketing Specialist

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