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B2C experienced a growth of +1.300% in revenue and +107% in ROAS on Google Ads has achieved a large increase in exposures, clicks, and revenue on Google Ads. A close collaboration with MCB has meant that has experienced busyness and increased turnover in a period that is usually off-season in the bicycle industry. And all this is without compromising on ROAS, which has more than doubled since the collaboration started.

Who is is an online bicycle store that also runs their physical store, Cykel-Mads, in Lemvig. They offer a large selection of quality bicycles and serve customers throughout Denmark. They have both a large selection of the cheaper women's-, men's and children's bikes in good quality, but also the best racing bikes, mountain bikes, electric bikes, and equipment in a higher price range.


At the webshop great emphasis is placed on the good service, guiding customers and being present - just as they are in their physical store. With good advice and guidance online and by telephone, they ensure that their customers have a good experience and find the right product.


In addition, bicycles are delivered that are 100 % assembled and ready to ride.

It has gone over sticks and stones. In what is usually an off-season for us, it has been really, really busy... It has been both busy online and physically. 


We can feel that we have more people in the physical business who come from far and wide because they have seen [...]. It has gone well - both physically and online, and I think that a lot of the growth we have had is due to the fact that we have become more visible online because we have used Google Ads.


We have been involved, we have done some thing ourselves, and we have become wiser. It is a nice arrangement that we do something ourselves, keep an eye on and optimize something, and then you get a wise head to look at it.

Anders Hilligsøe, owner of

How was successful on Google Ads would like a step up in relation to their Google Ads. They knew that Google Ads was an unfinished business and it needed to be looked through by fresh and new eyes.


The Google Ads account needed more control which is why new Search campaigns were built with relevant keywords, text ads, and a manual bidding strategy, where the account before on the Search section was mainly driven by a DSA campaign. With the new structure came more control, and in collaboration between and MCB the brands and product groups that were to be focused on for a start were selected.


The Google Shopping feed was optimized and it was ensured that all important products were included in the feed and that relevant attributes were sent along. It was ensured that we within Google Ads made the gross profit available and thus can adjust based on profit and not only via conversions and ROAS. A simpler campaign structure was also set up in the shopping section.

A close collaboration creates results

In collaboration with Google Ads between and MCB great emphasis has been placed on close sparring, and that itself should be involved in the process. MCB has helped with everything technical, setting up campaigns, bidding strategies etc. has made sure to write the text ads themselves.


The close collaboration has made both MCB and smarter. knows a little about how Google Ads works and has got its hands on the machinery. MCB has become wiser in the industry and constantly knows due to the close sparring what is moving in the market and can adjust accordingly.

Why did choose MCB? knew the house in advance as they have their webshop at MCB. They have been well satisfied with the collaboration with MCB for several years. And they therefore saw a good synergy in also choosing MCB.Marketing to help with their online marketing so that it is all gathered under one roof. sees it as a big plus that MCB is local which provides a good opportunity to meet physically and hold working days at MCB where you can spar with an expert while sitting and working.

Anja Esbersen
Google Ads Specialist

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