How GO BITES reached a reach of 100,000 authentic consumers on Instagram

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How GO BITES reached a reach of 100,000 consumers with an influencer effort on Instagram

GO BITES is the main product behind a unique business. The concept deals with distribution to stores where goods are imported from abroad which are distributed to various stores in Denmark. Therefore, the product is now representative in both the Danish and Nordic markets.


The intention is to handle everything from service and warehousing to marketing and sales, and therefore the tasks are solved as a coherent effort where it is about being the leading supplier for customers such as GO BITES. 


Would you like to know more about GO BITES? Then read more about the product at or find your favorite variant at one of the Danish resellers.

The idea around the GO BITES task was taken seriously from day one and it was handled very professionally. 


You (MCB) have reacted very quickly to the task, and you have surprised very positively. The customer expected a range of 50,000 consumers and MCB provided a range of as much as 100,000!


You have had a super good understanding of our business, and there are many more of these collaborations in the future if the right brands come to Denmark and the Nordic countries.

Kristian Iversen, COO at Bräuner FMCG

Would you like to try GO BITES? Then read more about the product at or find your favorite variant at one of the Danish dealers.

How GO BITES reached its goal

The goal was to increase awareness of GO BITES on the Danish market, but also that it should be spread further - and this should be done in a cheap but effective way. And therefore it was interesting to take a look at the many good opportunities with the very modern and in demand form of marketing, influencer-marketing on especially the popular image sharing platform Instagram.


It is possible with influencer marketing to create a database of influencers that can be reused. And therefore, the initial work can quickly pay off again. With thorough planning and targeted efforts MCB made sure that everything went as it should. And that is also the reason why the project has become a great success today! MCB found all the influencers to be used and met the requirements, contacted them and formulated guidelines for how to advertise GO BITES among other things by using specific tags and creating stories and posts on their private Instagram profile.


MCB also advised and guided all the way through the process, and therefore everything was handled very professionally on Instagram from the first message with the individual micro-influencer to sending the product and subsequent reading data. With a targeted campaign within this discipline became the knowledge to GO BITES increased markedly. The customer had an expectation of reaching a range of 50,0oo consumers and thus potential customers, but in collaboration with MCB, all expectations were jumped and in total the effort achieved a range of as many as 100,000 consumers.

Why choose MCB?

A collaboration was started with MCB as there has previously been a dialogue about various work tasks and business areas and especially about projects like this. Everything was therefore initiated with good gut feelings and an insight into ways which MCB approaches the work and handles their customers.


Expectations were therefore high from the beginning, and the goal was to create a collaboration that could lift the project.


With the good result this is only the beginning of a good collaboration!


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Tina Poulsen
Chief of Digital Marketing

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