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Chose an agency for Amazon and had resources released

Golf Copenhagen is a Danish company that has been selling golf equipment since the mid-90s. Back in 2014, the company chose to start an online journey and has since sold golf equipment online with great success i Denmark.

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Golf Copenhagen has control over everything that moves within the popular golf universe. Today, Golf Copenhagen is one of the country's leading dealers in golf equipment, golf bags, and golf carts.


For Golf Copenhagen it is important to provide golf equipment of the highest quality and provide good and professional service to customers. Therefore, at you can definitely find what you are missing for your next trip on the golf course.

"It's not just like starting up on Amazon- It's like getting to know Google Analytics from behind if you sell something online. And as Henrik from MCB so smartly said at the time, you can of course just sit down and read those 400 pages about how to shop on Amazon. There you can learn it yourself. But I did not have the time for that, så we chose to use an agency."

Michael Uth, Ejer af Golf Copenhagen

Why did Golf Copenhagen choose MCB?

In 2019, Golf Copenhagen had de courage to expand sales of golf equipment to new pastures. At first it was not far from Denmark - namely in Germany. And it was not accidental. Germany is a large golf country with millions of golfers. Therefore, it was a completely natural place to start. 


The question then was just how the company should enter the German market. Due to Amazon's large share of online sales in Germany, Golf Copenhagen quickly eyed Amazon as the solution. And that was the start of the company's Amazon adventure.


And it was also here MCB came into the picture.


For Golf Copenhagen, the collaboration with MCB was a good investment that could free up resources so that Golf Copenhagen could continue its daily chores.


In collaboration with MCB, Golf Copenhagen launched the otherwise unknown Amazon. And it should prove to be a good investment.

Improved conversion rates and bottom line results

The collaboration between Golf Copenhagen and MCB quickly showed clear results. As something crucial Golf Copenhagen has achieved rates on the Amazon advertising (PPC), and the advertising has even given a ROAS of over 20.


And the good results continue.


In the category 'Often bought as gifts for others' on Amazon golf bags from Golf Copenhagen have been at the top for the past year. Compared to last year Golf Copenhagen has even achieved a 400 & increase in revenue on Amazon.


Not only did it release resources, it also gave one good result after another.

A future with Amazon

It is with good reason that the future of Golf Copenhagen continues to point towards Amazon. In the future, Golf Copenhagen hos plans to expand to more language layers, which will primarily be French, Spanish, and Italian. Golf Copenhagen has thus gained a taste for Amazon's potential, and it is a platform that has come with good reason to stay with the company.

Bo Hedegaard
Director, Partner

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