When dropshipping is the most effective business model

From simple to more complex integrations, and from common integration interfaces to data transfer protocols - the Cloud provides optimal opportunities for efficient operations. And this is especially advantageous for dropshipping, which is why Grafical and Cloud make the perfect match.

Grafical is your online supermarket for office supplies, household items, packaging, and hobby and IT equipment. Therefore, you can find everything from pocket calculators and cardboard to kitchen accessories and speakers. The range consists of over 50,000 item numbers, so there is plenty of opportunity to explore the selection.

Over the years, many people have taken advantage of this.


Grafical caters to both private individuals and businesses, but the prices are the same and the most competitive in the market. Individual special discounts are not offered, as the goal is clear. It should be easy and affordable to shop at Grafical. That's why the webshop is user-friendly, and price matching is offered on all items.

When you shop at Grafical, there is no need to be an expert buyer. Everything is made simple for you.


From its early days, Grafical has focused exclusively on the dropshipping concept - a trading method where the store does not keep the items it sells in stock, but the customer's order is forwarded to a supplier who handles the shipment of goods.

And the cornerstone at Grafical is, therefore, the automation that applies to dropshipping.


Here, the setup in the e-commerce system, Cloud, ensures that new products are created directly in the system with relevant information. And when a customer places an order, a notification is automatically sent to the respective supplier, who is responsible for the subsequent shipment.

Grafical is thus a showcase for a wide range of suppliers who have several different warehouses.

The collaboration with MCB goes back many years - and it has always been excellent!


Often, it happens that we share our wishes for the online store, which are based, among other things, on our daily experiences, and MCB then figures out how those wishes can be fulfilled with integrations, among other things.


That's why MCB is our technical partner.

Benjamin Christensen, marketing employee at Grafical

Good ideas from everyday life merge with technical prowess

Grafical has been around for quite some time with MCB. The collaboration is built on experience, a mutual understanding of competencies and knowledge, good results, and, most importantly, years of communication. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that there is a clear process for new developments based on Grafical's good ideas.


When it's time to welcome a new supplier to Grafical, the process is also clear.


Grafical takes care of the initial communication and contract negotiations to ensure a good agreement is reached. Then, all necessary files and documentation are handed over to MCB.

MCB then clarifies the format and determines where the relevant information for the new products can be obtained - often, this involves an ERP system such as Economic. Initially, the products are extracted in a simple form, including name and image. Afterward, the products are enriched with SEO-optimized texts and product information from the supplier. A warehouse type and location are added, and finally, the products are created on - now ready for sale.


This means that Grafical finds and enters into partner agreements, takes responsibility for marketing, and provides customer support, while MCB handles the integrations.

MCB is, therefore, the reliable technical partner that helps Grafical clarify potential, takes responsibility for suppliers, and executes projects until the most advantageous solution is found, and all needs are met. But one thing is certain - all of this wouldn't be possible if Grafical didn't trust us with a significant responsibility for their entire business.


MCB naturally ensures that the entire setup is tested before going live. There are many formats and parties involved, so a streamlined process must be ensured. With so many different parties involved, there are, of course, many places where things can go wrong. Therefore, MCB also has a constant task of optimizing and maintaining.


And it's important - customers should always have a good experience when shopping with Grafical.

Even more people should get to know Grafical

At the time of writing, Grafical and MCB are in the process of adding yet another supplier to the setup. It is expected that this process in the future can serve as the guideline that makes it easier, and faster, to add even more suppliers.


A new supplier not only means a larger offering but also attracts more potential customers, leading to higher revenue.


The guideline can mean that it also becomes easier for Grafical to leverage their daily experiences and incorporate them into their online setup, continuing to serve their users and customers. MCB's primary task is to initiate and be ready to hit the start button as soon as Grafical is ready to welcome even more customers.


The goal is for even more people to know about and use There is something for everyone, which is why it's exciting to see what the future holds.

Michael Almstrup

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