Lifestyle chain focuses on cross-channel and close partnership

Since 1971 has created a leading lifestyle chain, which is a good mix of quality and design within hardware stores, fashion stores, and furniture stores.

In 2013, the time had come to go online and they came to MCB with a desire for an advanced solution that could embrace their wide range and ensure a fully-fledged cross-channel experience.
They realized early in the process that there were very high demands on resources, knowledge, and systematics if they were to achieve success with e-commerce.
Therefore, Sinnerup chose to enter into a partnership with MCB, where we contribute with all retail e-commerce, while Sinnerup concentrates on performing their fantastic grocery business and is responsible for the operational operation of the shop. In this way, today gets the best of both worlds.

Complex range = complicated ERP and shop setup

Sinnerup stands out from the other large hardware store chains with especially their own product lines. We trade inspiration, pleasure, and memories. 


This is how Sinnerup writes on their site, and with such a statement, they of course also have a wide range. At Sinnerup's webshop, you can therefore buy napkins, soap, and cutting boards, which they are stock-bearing with and which can easily be sent with regular shipping. 


But you can also buy garden furniture, sofas, and dining tables, which are sent from a remote warehouse or directly from the manufacturer, and which do not fit so easily into Postman Per's bag at all. The combination of remote warehouses, external suppliers, and own warehouses places great demands on the technical setup of the shop.

At MCB, we have a professional and scalable webshop, which has secured us a piece of the market within the housing and lifestyle industry. The competition is fierce, but with an advanced and very user-friendly shop and competent sparring with MCB, we have grown out market significantly.

Thomas Olesen, Warehouse Manager - Sinnerup Aarhus

ACCUMOLO solution delivers the goods and improves all KPIs

The solution was an advanced webshop, which among other things takes item type, shipping price, stock status, stock location, and delivery times into account before the customer is presented with shipping options and delivery time.


All in a flexible setup for the customers, who can complete the purchase without having to decide on the complicated setup, because the technical challenges must never get in the way for the customer. In contrast, Sinnerup places great emphasis on inspiring their customers.


They do this, among other things via flashy inspiration pages, where their graphic designers can unfold with full-witdh display.

The results speak for themselves

And the solutions performs!


Just over two years after the launch with .Cloud the conversion has increased by 39 %. At the same time, traffic to the shop has increased by 49 %, the number of orders has increased by 107 % and not least turnover has increased by 83 %.


If we look in isolation at mobile traffic, it looks even better. Here the conversion has increased by 111 %, the traffic has increased by 125 %, the number of orders has increased by staggering 376 % and finally the turnover has increased by an impressive 346 %. Results that are to be taken and felt.

Michael Almstrup

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