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Specially developed functions in Cloud increased revenue by 237%

Sandshoppen is a Danish company located in Herning which offers a large selection of gravel, sand, tile, granite, and stone. Many of the products are produced by Sandshoppen itself with a focus on efficient delivery and quality.

With over 35 years in the industry, you can safely shop at which are experts in professional delivery of the material you need. It can for example be via tiplæs, big bags or crane/grab. 

The materials can also be downloaded on your own - around the clock, and easily paid for with MobilePay.


At Sandshoppen you will find quality products that nature itself is a supplier of, and which are closely followed from the extraction over the treatment to the finished product. That is why the quality is always top notch.

The products can be used for everything from construction to construction work.


So when you need either gravel, soil, sand or stone products as well as advice and guidance Sandshoppen should be your first choice.

At we have from the beginning sought a reliable webshop solution - and we have achieved this with MCB.Cloud.


MCB Cloud also ensures that is 100 % mobile optimized and very user-friendly, and the simple design has ensured us a conversion rate that we did not dare dream of from the start of the collaboration.


We also wanted more special features in the form of quantity calculator which can calculate material quantities which has raised our conversion rate considerably, check out function which could differentiate prices by postcode selection and price table, which could be imported via Excel file, so we did not have to update prices manually, which has been hugely time saving.


We experience that the entire MCB team takes our business seriously, and if there are bumps in the road then they have been good at getting the course set again.


The employees are at eye level, and at Sandshoppen we really appreciate the fact that there are permanent marketing employees on our marketing efforts, as it ensures continuous progress without a lot of disruption.

Simon Haubjerg Jørgensen, Business Developer and Digital Marketing Manager

MCB provided specially developed features in MCB.Cloud

When Sanshoppen decided to expand its business towards the online universe there was a need for the development of special functions - and therefore the choice fell on MCB's own platform MCB.Cloud. On .Cloud it is possible to be flexible and have high expectations for the future.


In collaboration with Sandshoppen and with a focus on the wishes for a reliable webshop, MCB developed 3 important functions:


1. Freight calculator

To make it easier to keep track of shipping costs and logistics costs, there was a need for a function that can display prices depending on which postcode you as a customer must have delivered a product to. Therefore, the freight calculator was developed which precisely makes it possible to differentiate the prices so that they are not uniform.

It makes it clear to the customer that it is cheaper to get delivery in the local area rather than further away, and therefore it is both an easy and intuitive tool that means great gains for the customer as well as for Sandshoppen.


2. Quantity calculator

It can be difficult to calculate how much you need from a single material for a project. To make the process easier for the customer the quantity calculator has therefore been developed which with a focus on density provides a good overview.

And it is not only good for the customers. Sanshoppen also experiences how the customer support saves a lot of time and many hours on questions from customers and that time can instead be spent on better customer service and further sales.

And sales in particular have also increased with the development of volume calculators. The number of organic visits has increased significantly, and potential customers therefore visit every month to take advantage of the quantity calculator.


3. Conversion table

The latest shot at the trunk is a specially developed conversion table. It gives a visually good overview of the differences between buying, for example 1 ton of a material instead of 5 or 10 tons. For example, it now also appears what 1 cubic meter of sand corresponds to. When the weight is made visible the difference in price follows, and therefore there is no longer a need for a large number of manual entries to see what a quantity of one material will cost compared to another quantity. And therefore it is possible to make the most accurate order.

It is also possible to include the freight type in the conversion table.

As with the quantity calculator the conversion table also makes it more efficient to answer questions at Sandshop's customer service.

The results speak for themselves

The question is then just whether the many hours spent in special development and conversation back and forth between Sandshoppen and MCB have paid off - fortunately the results speak for themselves.


Compared to last year Sandshoppen has experienced an increased turnover of 237 %. This is particularly noticeable as there has been a 16+ % increase in the number of orders and a 30 % larger order value. Sandshoppen itself believes that it is precisely the fast and reliable website that is the basis of the result.


During the same period the conversion rate has increased from 1.23 % to 1.78 % which is mainly due the specially developed functions which now make it easier, clearer, and much faster to get hold of the materials you need.

Michael Almstrup

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