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From exclusively B2B shop to 2 additional B2C shops

At Astrup Group high-quality wooden toys and especially doll clothes are part of the DNA. In the 1960s Astrup Group started its journey with the sale of doll clothes, and since then the company has positioned itself as a solid B2B retailer of the two popular brands: byASTRUP and MAMAMEMO.

Years ago doll cloths were in high demand, and therefore Astrup group managed to stand out as a solid retailer. Times have changed and now it is instead high-quality wooden toys that are a hit both at home and abroad. That is why both MAMAMEMO and byASTRUP are popular brands that in their own way manage to make a statement in every children's universe.


In the Danish children's rooms it is especially MAMAMEMO that is played with. There is a splash of color, and therefore the imagination can run free. Abroad on the other hand it is byASTRUP with its Scandinavian look and more neutral shades that is chosen.


For many years sales at Astrup Group have taken place exclusively via B2B, and therefore there is now a good and robust group of dealers. And until a few years ago it was also the only plan for the future. However, there are new trends and tendencies and with these follow new opportunities and other needs. After several recommendation from both dealers, potential customers, and colleagues Astrup Group decided to invest in the B2C market both in Denmark and abroad.


This has today led to the launch of 2 new B2C-shops; and as well as a relaunch of the always faithful B2B-shop;

From the first meeting 3 men from MCB showed up for a non-binding talk about the possibilities for Astrup Group, and everything we said and wanted was taken seriously and after only a very short time we were ready to enter into a collaboration with MCB. We have always had a good gut feeling with MCB and for us who only have a limited knowledge of the technology behind a webshop it was important that we felt a good chemistry.


We have not regretted our choice and we look forward to further cooperation.

Morten Astrup Pedersen, Sales- & Export Manager at Astrup Group

3 Unique Designs with Full Integration for Navision

When Astrup Group had to choose a system for their new sites Cloud was not necessarily the right choice. Internally, there is no specialist knowledge regarding CMS systems and general technical knowledge of creating both a B2C and a B2B-univers, therefore it was especially the good feeling with MCB that led to the choice of MCB.CLOUD.


The employees at MCB seemed professional, and had a real draft ready for the new sites from day one. Therefore, Astrup Group experienced being taken seriously - even at the first meeting which simply offered a non-binding and introductory talk.


In collaboration with MCB, Astrup Group went from 1 B2B shop with an integration to the 2009 edition of Navision to a new B2B shop and 2 new branding sites for B2C. Before, the business used a very simple setup. It worked but could well be optimized and made more efficient.


All 3 shops have had a strong optimization of design so that they now meet modern standards and trends. They have been tied together by a common thread so that calmness, a professional expression and clarity are created through the graphic work. The entire user journey and experience has been taken into account and therefore every user will encounter a new and improved way of interacting with Astrup Group.


And so it is also worth mentioning that all 3 shops have been fully integrated both to and from Navision as well as each of them has been made in 3 different language of which the English offers the option of payment in both Euro and USD.


With the 2 B2C shops Astrup Group is moving into a new and exciting area that they have yet to explore. Therefore, there are great hopes for the future - and this also applies to the wishes that it brings with it. There are already ideas for extensions and extra functions so that the 2 shops will be far more efficient.


For the time being however it is still the B2B shop that is the flagship of the Astrup Group.

Everything from image material to product data can now be found here, and each retailer has the option of logging in and viewing their own prices and agreements. It could be for example a line discount. Before, only one list price was visible and therefore each dealer always had to trust that Astrup Group managed to get the right price through the invoicing. This could led to uncertainty and not least a greater workload internally at Astrup Group.


The new B2B universe creates a more personal and specific user experience which is particularly appreciated by the many retailers from whom Astrup Group has already received positive feedback. They now experience a system that works together with them and therefore it has been made easier and more intuitive to be a dealer of Astrup Group's products.

Astrup Group Faces an Exciting Future

After the launch of the 3 new sites Astrup Group has experienced a quiet start but they are confident and are aiming to scale when a larger marketing effort is put in place. Astrup Group is already in dialogue with the specialists in MCB's marketing department who can help with everything from Google Ads and SEO to content and SoMe.


The two new B2C shops will play a big role in terms of branding in Denmark but also abroad. Over the years especially from abroad Astrup Group has received inquiries from potential end users who have not been able to find a dealer. Now it is possible to service these.


It is also expected that the new B2B-platform will mean more retailers. This offers among other things better support and service and therefore it will also be possible for Astrup Group to allocate resources to work more efficiently compared to the working salespeople as much work can now be handled online.

Michael Almstrup

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