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Achieved 46% increased conversion is a Danish kitchen company located in Central Jutland which has been selling kitchens, bathrooms, utility rooms, and wardrobes in high quality since 2012.

The products are primarily sold online via the website and can be delivered throughout Denmark. All solutions are also produced in Denmark based on a proud tradition of good quality and good craftsmanship.


But it does not have to cost extra!


For Kitchn it is important that a purchase is easy and not least cheap for everyone - regardless of experience with renovating the kitchen, bathroom, wardrobe or utility room on your own. Therefore, as a consumer you can easily assemble your own kitchen from Kitchn for example detailed assembly instructions. However, it is also possible to order preassembled items - and then it's all just even easier and faster!

We have been really happy with the collaboration with MCB. In the period leading up to the launch, we were in close contact with all the relevant resources in the house. They made sure that we developed the shop we wanted while we were well dressed to take advantage of all the new features it came with. Theere is no doubt that the good solution is the result of good cooperation.

Anne Bjørndahl, E-commerce coordinator

Why there was a need for a new design and an upgraded platform

In 2018, the management at Kitchn made a decision to focus more on online sales of kitchens and bathrooms which has otherwise proved to be a difficult exercise for many competitors. Therefore, there was a need for a thorough strategy and a sustainable solution that in the long run could fulfill a desire to e.g. a higher conversion rate.


In collaboration with MCB, received a major upgrade with a focus on shopping via mobile devices, a delicious visual design, and not least a user-friendly and intuitive menu structure. At the same time, the team at Kitchn made sure to work hard with e.g. better product descriptions, better imagery and a more accessible menu structure. Therefore, the whole content part also got a big boost.


And all in all, the good cooperation has paid of! Since the launch of their new shop in 2020, Kitchn has experienced an increased conversion rate of as much as 46 %!


But that's not all.


If we compare figures from 2019 where Kitchn had not yet undergone an upgrade with figures from 2020 with the new launch, it also turns out that the goal of shopping via mobile devices has been met.


Kitchn has experienced an increased conversion on the mobile with a staggering 97 %!


At the same time, the conversion rate on the desktop has increased by 35 %, while the conversion rate on the tablet has seen an increase of as much as 41 %. 


Therefore, it has been a great success for Kitchn in collaboration with MCB to undergo a major change of both in terms of design and a new upgraded platform with far more smart options for using functions.



What does the future hold for Kitchn?

For many companies 2020 has been a tough year. And that is why many have also had to face the harsh reality. But due to a robust build of shop and a strong brand, 2020 has generally been a successful year for


Kitchn in particular managed to stand out as being a DIY brand. For a long time, Kitchn has had a good position in the market due to this very characteristic but in 2020 it gained momentum. Many consumers have gone home and thus had time to upgrade their homes.


And now it seems that it is a trend that has really come to stay. It has in fact continued into 2021, and therefore it looks like this year will be another record year for Kitchn.

Why did Kitchn choose MCB?

Together with the sister brand Nettoline, Kichn has been a customer of MCB for over 10 years. Kitchn and Nettoline have therefore used a large number of services at MCB, just as MCB has a great deal of knowledge about Kitchn and Nettoline and the business that is run there. Therefore, it was natural that MCB should help with the solution.

Michael Almstrup

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