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50% more revenue through Google Ads with the same high ROAS

Jacobsen Plus can be dated back to 1929. Here carpenter, Wilhelm Eriksen, started the furniture store from his carpentry workshop in Horsens. In the following years, one store became several. And today, Jacobsen Plus is one of Denmark's most exciting and progressive furniture stores with the best in both Danish and foreign design.

2021 was a good year for most e-commerce companies, but from the beginning of 2022 and until now, it has been tough.

Several companies have experienced a decline in sales compared to 2021. Corona has led to lifted restrictions, delivery problems, more expensive advertising, high inflation and generally uncertain times.


Nevertheless, Jacobsen Plus has experienced growth with their Google advertising despite being in the design, furniture and interior design industry, which especially is having a hard time.


This is the result of a close and trusting collaboration, an up-to-date Google Ads strategy and the synergy between advertising, tracking and platform.

50% more revenue was generated in May 2022 compared to May 2021 - and that even with a small increase in an already high ROAS.

For several years we have had a really good collaboration with MCB. Both as a web agency, but also with marketing department, which e.g. helps maintain SEO and Google Ads. The response time is always short and without misunderstandings the is work done, and the follow-up is always concrete and credible.

Morten Gram Jensen, Development manager at Jacobsen Plus

A close and trusting relationship

For years MCB has helped Jacobsen Plus with their digital business. This applies both on the platform and with various marketing disciplines - including Google Ads.


In general it means that a close collaboration has been built on ambition and trust, and it has been the reason for an investment in a more comprehensive Google Ads effort with a larger budget.


And it is precisely this initiative that gave MCB's Google Ads specialists perfect conditions for creating growth in a challenging time. Everything took place through close dialogue, where MCB went from a supplier to a partner.

An up-to-date Google Ads strategy

For MCB, it is a core value to be up to date with the development and trends in the market - including Google Ads. Therefore, we see it as a perfect opportunity when a business like Jacobsen Plus is ready to try out new features.


Jacobsen Plus' ambitions for 2022 gave rise to a rethink of the strategy for advertising via Google. And at the same time, it became obvious to make use of automation to a greater extent, which is why the new Performance Max campaign format was implemented.


Performance Max is to date Google's most automated campaign format, and therefore this is the next step from Smart Shopping. Here you will go through a basic setup process where goals and titles are defined, descriptions, images and videos are provided and an audience is defined. And then the algorithm is fed and everything can run automatically.


With the automation at Jacobsen Plus there naturally also came an increased focus on target group segmentation, advertising messages and feed optimization, which all have contributed to a more efficient Google Ads account, which has created great results with eg 50% more revenue.

A full service agency

MCB handles a wide range of different platforms and CMSs as well as all disciplines within digital marketing. Therefore, it is always possible to make good initiatives, which complement each other. And that is exactly what the results at Jacobsen Plus shows. 


As MCB handles both Jacobsen Plus' platform via .Cloud, tracking and search engine optimizatioan an effective effort has been made on the user experience and data collection in general. And it has not only benefited Google Ads, but Jacobsen Plus' entire digital business.


Nicolai Hesselholdt
Tracking & Google Ads Specialist

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