How Grafical managed to increase their organic keywords by 10% is an online supermarket with everything within office items, household products, hobby equipment, packaging and IT accessories for both individuals and companies.

With competitive advantages such as a large selection, price guarantee and bonus on purchases, Grafical has managed to position itself as a strong player with over 10,000 reviews on Trustpilot, the highest credit rating, 3 Gazelle awards and various sponsorships with a focus on sustainability, welfare, and health.


Therefore, it is no wonder that your calculator or workplace whiteboards are from Grafical, and that your weekly calendar supports GROW⎮FOR⎮IT.

How Grafical improved its SEO strategy with a focus on onsite optimization and link building

Grafical has for several years worked with their SEO strategy and focused on good keywords when writing new content to the webshop. Therefore, a good breeding ground had been laid for further optimization.


At MCB, we therefore prepared a thorough review with an overview of what could be optimized both in terms of technical SEO and content, as well as Graficial were presented with useful and effective tools for their SEO work such as Ahrefs.

MCB has been good at tailoring a course specifically for our company, which has made it possible for us to continue working with the SEO work in-house. MCB got thoroughly acquainted with our market, so the SEO work was targeted to our specific needs.

Carsten Lindhardsen, Owner of Grafical

The sharpened focus on improvements in the SEO strategy, onsite optimizations and the strategic use of link building meant that Grafical managed to increase their organic keywords by 10 %, their overall rank fell by 25 % and they experienced a 2.5 % increase in their domain rating.

Why Grafical chose MCB

Grafical chose MCB for the task, as over a number of years we have had a good collaboration around the development of the webshop, Therefore, it was natural that the good collaboration continued on the SEO front.

Do you want to do as Grafical?

Do you want to do as Grafical and get off to a good start with your SEO strategy, or do you need to get a push in the right direction? Then contact Lars.

Flemming C. Lund
Head of SEO & B2B Marketing

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