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Opportunity to create universes for every customer

How do you personalize the business for each customer when you have thousands of customers? Can simple technology provide a personal experience that is adapted to the individual customer's needs and interests? knows all about it.

LINDS has several thousand customers in a number of different industries, from cattle farms to plant breeders and companies to offices and pig breeders. Each customer type is different, and has different needs and expectations for LINDS. Therefore, it is of course impossible to meet everyone's wishes with a one-size-fits-all solution.


In collaboration with MCB LINDS has created a B2B solution, which not only adjusts the prices according to the individual customer's agreement, but also changes the entire websop's appearance - depending on who logs in.

The right solution - customer universes

To meet the many different needs of customers, the new B2B solution has the ability to create universes for each customer type. Here, LINDS can create unique front pages and product group banners for each customer type, so that the customer sees exactly what is relevant to their particular company. In this way, LINDS saves their customers a lot of wasted time - and can show them the selections that have personal value for the individual. 

There are really many providers and options when ti comes to B2B solutions - and it can be a jungle to choose the right one. However, we are not for a moment in doubt that we have chosen the right partner in MCB. At MCB, they see opportunities rather than limitations. Here we get the whole package in the form of a future-proof B2B solution, as well as advice that develops our business online.

Stig Lind - Owner

Good results

The great focus on the personal experience, combined with a strong effort on Google AdWords and Facebook in particular, has yielded great results.


Specifically, revenue from Google AdWords has increased by more than 120 % in the past year, while the return on investment has improved by more than 25 %. These results are achieved by combining a range of campaign types in order to reach 360° around existing and potential customers.


In addition, there is an increased focus on reactivation of previous customers as well as retargeting aimed at potential customers who have left a shopping cart on In connection with this effort, we have seen return on investment of more than 1200 %.

Close cooperation

The close collaboration results in a well-coordinated effort at the shop, where we each utilize our areas of expertise.


LINDS are experts in their field and their business, and when this is combined with MCB's expertise in online marketing, growth, and visibility, the result is a successful cocktail.


But it takes more than good intentions and knowledge of the market to be successful online.

Anja Esbersen
Google Ads Specialist

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