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How Profil Art constantly reactivates +31% of their inactive leads

At Profil Art the biggest wish has always been to create the best store with sweet employees, happy customers and not least the best selection of fashion and interiors.

Profil Art has existed for 30 years, and has always been based in Horsens. The store has changed its appearance a few times along the way, but the core has always been the same - delicious goods and happy customers.


At Profil Art you will find a large selection of fashion, accessories, interiors and shoes - all in the absolute best quality and with a sense of the trends seen today in the modern woman and in the fashion-conscious home.


Howecer, Profil Art is not only aware of the latest trends and tendencies, but also relates to the style that never goes out of fashion. Therefore, you will find both a wide range of items that meet the biggest brands from the Danish fashion scene as well as delicious designs and qualities that should be in every home. 


This means that you will find everything within the hottest trends for women, what can help to spice up your home and the gift you need to give someone you care about - or perhaps to yourself. Profil Art has lots of wonderful things in its lifestyle universe that you can be tempted by.



It is important for us as a small player in this industry to use the marketing initiatives that can give our customers a 'recall' about us.


Remaining relevant and 'top of mind' for our customers is our most important task and the flow helps us along the way.

Caroline Mathilde Thomsen, E-commerce Manager

A win back flow was needed

Constantly there will be people who lose interest in one's webshop. And it's not something that happens actively, but perhaps because the latest newsletters that have been sent out have not aroused any further interest. Therefore, it is easy to get into a habit of simply deleting one's emails from the given shop and subsequently forgetting all about them.


When you own a webshop and send out newsletters via email it can be difficult to maintain your entire crowd of recipients' interest over a long period of time. This means that there will naturally be some who drop out and unsubscribe, but there will also be those who lie and just do not care of the emails you send them - and that's a shame.


After all, it is potential customers who are just waiting to be reactivated. As inactive they often just create the wrong data for example when it comes to your opening rates and click rates - simply because they just archive your emails.


And luckily for you activating them does not require much work. These are often leads that have been active before, but for a while they have gone to sleep. Therefore, we just have to wake them up again. And it is possible for example via automatic emails in a win back flow.


A win back flow ensures that you 'win' your customers back. And more specifically the flow is built up so that it is triggered when for example 30 days have passed since a recipient last visited your webshop, 60 days since an order was last placed, or 90 days since one of yours email was opened.


There are many options!


It's just about having a great email program that provides great opportunities to quickly, easily, and intuitively build your win back flow and edit in it as it gets used and you become wiser about your recipients - and here we recommend ActiveCampaign.





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How Profil Art got good results

In order to make an active effort to reactivate the inactive leads and thus increase both opening rates and click-through rates in emails as well as conversion rates in the shop we chose to set up a win back flow.


The flow consists of two automations that share each other's data. The first involves pure data collection, and it makes sure to always keep and eye on when a recipient last visited the webshop. If it exceeds 1 month the second automation is triggered.


After a person have been inactive for 1 month, they will thus receive an email that tells how much Profil Art misses the person and also that they may have missed many new delicious items and good offers. It is therefore a service to the recipient not to miss anything good.


If the email is not opened the first time, it will be resent a few days later. And that way the inactive recipient gets more options to respond to the win back email.


An unlike other emails this one does not intend to make a sale. As soon as the email is opened and clicked on the goal is reached. The recipient is back to visit the webshop and be active - and that was exactly what was intended.


In order for a win back mail to stand out it is recommended that a lot of and thorough time be spent writing a good subject line and a catchy pre-header. When a recipient is no longer active a little extra focus is needed to capture the attention.


And it also worked for Profil Art. With just a simple setup and an email with content that alludes to want and urgency Profil Art has managed to achieve an opening rate of + 65 % and a click rate of + 31 %. And the + 31 % are the most important - these are inactive leads that have finally become active again!





Why did Profil Art choose MCB?

Profil Art uses the services offered by MCB's marketing department, .Marketing, in several areas. Therefore, it was natural that it also was .Marketing that technically had to set up the win back flow. Profil Art made the content that should be in the email, and therefore .Marketing was just a sparring partner on the content part.

Louise Færk
E-mail Marketing Specialist

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