Lifestyle business with huge growth

It all started with a small physical store in Herning, where the webshop was managed and orders packed directly in the back room when there where no customers in the store. That's not the case anymore! Both the physical store and the webshop have had growing pains at Luxoliving.

.Cloud accelerated the shop

The great growth in the webshop has also had a great impact on our physical store, as it allows us to carry a much wider range with many more brands. 


Eventually we simply could not be in out premises anymore, so in 2013 we moved into larger premises. And so that it does not have to be a lie, we have just expanded once again, so we have got a brand new warehouse exclusively for the operation of the webshop, and as a buffer warehouse for the physical business.

Today the webshop accounts for 65 % of out total revenue compared to 10 % when we started with .Cloud®.

And that growth has obviously coincided with the fact that the store's turnover has also increased explosively.

Rasmus, owner of

Blood, sweat and counseling

"It has been quite a journey to get here, and it has cost both blood, sweat, and tears. But it has also been fun, and we have learned an incredible amount from the ongoing counseling and sparring. Without switching to .Cloud® we would never have stood where we are today."

Michael Almstrup

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