Improved shop solution eases the daily workload

Antalis A/S is one of Denmark's largest suppliers of packaging, canteen and cleaning items as well as paper office and display products.

Antalis came to MCB with a desire for an improved webshop solution to support their online sales. Antalis already had a well-functioning webshop, but much of the order handling took place in the classic way - a both extensive and time-consuming process for the sellers. The task was therefore to move a larger part of the orders online and thus gather many sales channels in one place.

Advanced solution frees up resources

The starting point was the needs of the end user. Based on this, we created an efficient and user-friendly webshop with both B2C and B2B sales.


Easy navigation and high ease of use made it easy and fast for customers to place their orders online rather than having to go around a salesperson first. And with placing orders directly in the webshop, salespeople could instead concentrate on proactive sales rather than entering and handling orders.


At the same time, it became (much) easier for adminstrators of the solution to perform their work, for example by virtue of an advanced and intelligent management of customers and prices. The investment in the webshop thus paid off in the form of increased efficiency and increased sales activities.

From the beggining, we have had high expectations and advanced requirements for out webshop, and it has been a long journey towards the goal. Throughout, MCB has provided professional advice and produced a competitive shop solution, which has significantly strengthened out online performance.

Steen Lysgaard, E-Business manager at Antalis

80% of all order lines are received electronically

The result of the improvements speaks for itself:


Now 80 % of all order lines are placed online (webshop and EDI), which means that many of the various sales channels have been gathered in the webshop - one of the goals of the project.


In addtion, the turnover in the webshops has also grown steadily by a double-digit percentage in recent years.

Michael Almstrup

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