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Education creates a new future. Therefore, Herning HF and VUC help students further in life by offering quality educations that range from basic teaching to individual subjects at upper secondary level. Herning HF and VUC therefore offer a wide range of present teaching, which aims to guide and equip students well for further education - regardless of starting point.

How MCB created a new design

Herning HF og VUC contacted MCB with the request for a new website. It should be modern and user-friendly, but still in the good spirit that prevailed on the website at the time. Therefore, there was a need for an update and optimization with focus on new functions and a new structure that ensures an overview and good navigation - but with respect for the previous structure.


Therefore, it was also necessary with a close collaboration between Herning HF and VUC and MCB, each of which could contribute expert knowledge in different areas. Herning HF and VUC knew all about how to navigate the site most practically, and how to build the various landing pages, while MCB had the technical knowledge within e.g. UX and the establishment of a structured design line.


Initially, it had to be decided where the new website was to be built. The choice was between CMS-systems, Umbraco and WordPress. And because Herning HF and VUC 's website at the time was built in WordPress, and there was therefore internal experience with the use of the system, the choice fell on an updated theme in WordPress Elementor.


Elementor gave MCB's UX expert a wide range of options and great design freedom in relation to the new structure. And therefore it was possible to reach the goal with all the wishes of the new website.


The visual and graphic have therefore been given a big boost, and a tight structure has been added to the design line, which now ensures that Herning HF and VUC are always guaranteed a high degree of user-friendliness on their website.


The work therefore also consisted of many relocations and merges of landing pages, so that the structure could be as simple and efficient as possible, which is why an in-depth SEO-work also was necessary. Just as much has been done with graphics and in general the overall visual expression.

Why Herning HF and VUC chose to collaborate with MCB

MCB has for several years worked closely with schools and educational institutions. Therefore, MCB has a great deal of knowledge and experience in the area, which also strongly expressed in the collaboration with Herning HF and VUC.


As MCB has already been involved in and built various sites for several institutions, the knowledge from here also had a big role. It was therefore drawn on knowledge of best practice and a large data layer that could tell something about what works on a website with a focus on education that should service and convert students.


It is also the data that has contributed to the user-friendly surface that Herning HF and VUC have ended up with on their new website.


The good result and the close collaboration has led to MCB will help Herning HF and VUC with both maintenance of current website design and marketing including Facebook in the future.

Should MCB help you with website design and marketing?

Do you want a proposal for a new structure on your website with a focus on the visual, large amounts of data, and not least user-friendliness in the school sector?


Then contact MCB.


And remember - we are also very happy yo help with the the subsequent marketing. Together with a team of experts in online marketing, we have already helped many schools towards online success.

Bo Hedegaard
Director, Partner

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