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How to fulfill 30% of the development requests from Cloud users

It can be time-consuming to stay updated on new versions, features, and functionalities in the system you use to run your website or shop. And you may miss out on knowledge that could have led to increased functionality and smoother workflows.

This is an issue that MCB takes seriously. That's why Cloud users have a say in new developments.

Cloud is MCB's answer to the ideal e-commerce platform for both B2B and B2C. It is an optimized tool in a modern and up-to-date design with a focus on loading time, security, and de facto standards/UX for features, including simple and intuitive navigation. Cloud is also based on Microsoft's latest technology, combining CMS, e-commerce, and PIM into one system.


Moreover, you can naturally have a direct integration with your POS and/or ERP system, allowing you to quickly and easily push data between the systems you use to ensure that your daily operations run smoothly.


There are many features and possibilities, but what we are particularly excited about is the Development Community through Canny that we have created in close collaboration with our talented and dedicated Cloud users. This is what sets Cloud apart from many other e-commerce platforms.

The community makes Cloud better - and that's why we should all use it! Especially in the comment threads, we can collaborate and exchange great ideas that can benefit others in the future. I regularly create posts on Canny myself and vote for the ones that can have an impact on my store. And I experience quick responses to my suggestions. Several of them have already been developed.


This means that I don't have to settle and compromise with my online shop, but I can be part of deciding how Cloud should function both now and in the future.

Pernille Lanng E-commerce & Brand Manger at Proshave

Proshave is one of the biggest contributors to the Development Community

For many years, MCB and Proshave have been partners, which means they are experienced Cloud users who have fully embraced the development community in Canny.


Proshave is a distribution company and online shop that has been selling shaving gear, beard care, and personal care products to both men and women since 2008. The primary target audience is men, and Proshave caters to both beginners starting their first shave and experienced wet shaving enthusiasts.

On the shop, you will find everything for your shaving needs, including razor blades, razors, traditional shaving sets, and classic shaving brushes, as well as products for the face, body, beard, hair, and more. Proshave distributes a total of 26 different exclusive brands in Denmark and Scandinavia. These brands are sold B2C to end-users and B2B to hairdressers, barbers, and large chains such as Normal, Salling, and Matas.


Due to the long-standing relationship and collaboration on, Pernille from Proshave is one of the Cloud users who has made the most significant contributions to the community with new suggestions and voting for good ideas.


For Proshave, the Development Community is particularly relevant when the need for something new or different arises on the webshop. Instead of having to engage with customer service and never knowing where their suggestion ends up, the community is the ideal place. Here, they know that the suggestion is taken seriously, and it is possible to follow its progress towards final development.


Additionally, it is also a place where they can become aware of new developments that they might not have otherwise sought out. Several of these developments come with implementation guides, including small videos, making it easy for an experienced user like Pernille to implement the new features on her own webshop. And if there is a need for implementation assistance from customer service, it is clearly stated in the text, so every user knows how to quickly put a new development into use.


Often, improvements, adjustments, and minor updates are not announced anywhere else except in the community, making it a great source of inspiration and better work on one's own webshop.

30% of all requests have been developed

30% of all requests have been developed. The platform you choose for your webshop is crucial for your business's success. That's why at MCB, we believe it's important to have transparency in the updates and developments happening on Cloud. And we are always open to new ideas and inputs. We understand that your experience is valuable.


That's why we have our Development Community through Canny for all Cloud users.


The development community focuses on user-driven innovation. It means that as a Cloud user, you have a valid voice in shaping the development of Cloud, whether it's about small adjustments/improvements or entirely new possibilities.


With the digital community, you get:


  • The opportunity to share your ideas for platform improvements and vote for other good ideas.
  • A roadmap with planned and ongoing projects.
  • A release log with the features we have implemented in the past week.


We strive to make our development community attractive and user-friendly. It's a unique opportunity for both Cloud users and MCB. As a Cloud user, you have a say in new developments in Cloud and can suggest improvements and fixes, while we gain an overview of what the entire community desires most. This way, we can prioritize our development hours most effectively!


100% of all our developments in Cloud depend on the development community.

Since we launched the Development Community in January 2022, a total of 650 Cloud users have logged in, 156 have either voted or submitted a new development request, and a total of 326 good wishes have been created. Out of these, 93 wishes have been executed so far (June 2023).

This means that we have managed to develop approximately 30% of all the wishes created.


When a user creates a wish, votes, or shows interest in a post, notifications are activated. This means that individual users are constantly updated on the wishes they have shown interest in, and this is done via emails.

Additionally, every week, an email is sent with newly created wishes. From there, it is easy to log in and vote for the wishes that are relevant to one's own shop.


Canny is therefore the ideal platform for the community, ensuring that we can address wishes in an organized and, most importantly, fast manner. We monitor new wishes daily and decide based on the number of votes which ones should have the highest priority in our internal roadmap.

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