From 0 to +700,000 in turnover in 80 days is a webshop whose only focus is the sale of quality tools at the right prices to professionals, institutions, and do-it-yourselfers.

The company has more than 20 years of experience in the industry and can therefore boast of having a great knowledge of what moves in connection with quality tools and machines.

The assignment

Toolster had a desire to achieve online success. Therefore a new webshop had to be started that could stand strong in the market and withstand the tough competition and the large selection. To reach the goal, Toolster was also prepared to set aside a lot of funds for both online branding and marketing.


The goal: Toolster was heading for a market with fierce competition on both prices and selection. Therefore, it was strategically important to position Toolster in the market and create knowledge of the brand in order to get full currency from relevant channels. The company had to be visible on several channels from day one, so that it became possible to find out which ones gave the best results. To succeed in this, it was crucial to focus on Toolsterøs strengths which involve great professionalism, a wide range and high quality products at the right price.


The solution: Toolster an MCB have from the beginning of the process worked closely in connection with both the development and marketing of the new webshop. Toolster has experienced that MCB is easy to contact and quick to return with feedback. And then MCB solves the daily problems that arise when you are new to the game.

It was not long before the first visitors landed at the shop and the orders began to arrive in house. And order intake has been steadily rising since.

Stefan Hauge, Owner at Toolster

The process

Toolster's profile is aimed at professionals and do-it-yourselfers with insight into and requirements for tools. The pre-defined target group thus puts quality above price and expects expert advice.


Therefore, it was important that Toolster's professionalism was reflected in the content of the webshop, so that the target group would be greeted by a feeling of being landed at a credible dealer. And therefore, a great deal of effort was made in preparing and optimizing content prior to the launch.


In connection with the launch, a number of initiatives were initiated across channels to create awareness and visitors to the webshop. Among other things paid advertising, social media, and email marketing were used. This has led to a nice development in revenue, some of which has been reinvested in adapting marketing.


An important aspect of Toolster's success has thus been the company's willingness to invest in marketing prior to launch. And when you start from scratch, it is just crucial to have sensible budgets to spread the word about the webshop.


The sum of the efforts has led to a strong start-up. However, the work for Toolster and MCB is far from over, and work is constantly being done to optimize and test new possibilities. Is is a collaboration that both MCB and Toolster greatly appreciate.

The result went live with an online webshop in early May 2018 on the ACCUMOLO-platform with help from MCB's department for digital marketing. With a sharp focus on the target group and its own strengths, got off to a terrific start, rounding up +700,000 in turnover and almost 24,000 visitors in just 80 days.

Michael Almstrup

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