An increased conversion rate of 48%

Søvn & Comfort is West Jutland's largest specialty store with beds in the best quality. Here, a virtue is made out of ensuring that service and quality are paramount. Søvn & Comfort was established in 1994, and since then the webshop has been established.

Søvn & Comfort had a desire to have online success, and therefore there was a need for a new webshop that could drive the company over to an advanced online solution. 


The new webshop should stand strong in the market so that it could withstand the great competition, however it should still bear the stamp of the personality that has been put into the company. And in order to maintain it along with a comprehensive, fully-fledged cross-channel experience funds were also set aside for both online branding and marketing. Thus, MCB not only had to provide a new platform, the digital marketing department (DMO) also had to take care of the basic e-commerce management - and that is still the case.

The solution was a user-friendly and well-maintained webshop

On January 10, 2019, Søvn & Comfort went live with its new webshop on MCB's .Cloud platform. And it is not an exaggeration to claim that from day one managed to blow up the old webshop. The new webshop not only appears more aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly, it has also been developed with a focus on retaining the original essence. 


Søvn & Comfort itself was at the forefront of the direction for shape and colors, and then MCB took over and delivered the design. MCB's designers, graphic designers, and developers made Søvn & Comfort's vision a reality through the development process.

We have always thought that it would be a terrible job to switch our website to a new platform. Not just because it takes a long time to get everything working optimally. 


All these fearsome thoughts disappeared in the collaboration with MCB. Everything has been in order from the beginning. Only very small things have gone wrong - and in those cases the errors have been quickly corrected.


And after a short talk focusing on "more money in - less out" we have also seen a huge development in the paid conversion. It's a great job being done for us to succeed!

Flemming V. Kristensen, Owner of Søvn & Comfort

When the shape of the new webshop was framed, the work of optimizing all content on the webshoppen began. MCB's digital marketing department handled everything from navigation, structure and targeting, strategic content to content building, SEO work and more. A lot of time was thus put into the marketing of Søvn & Comfort's new webshop before the the actual launch, but that time was well spent.


It can therefore be concluded that has been established on the basis of a good collaboration, where experts with different expertises has contributed.

The results speak for themselves

From the launch on 10 2019, has managed to achieve an overall increased conversion rate of as much as 48 %. If you take a closer look at the many improvements that have been made on an ongoing basis, it can also be seen that the mobile views have achieved on increased conversion rate of a staggering 90 % and as much as 7 % in average order value.

When the conversion rate develops like this it has a huge effect on the paid traffic. Therefore, the return on Google Ads during the same period increases by no less than 165 %. That number is based on the great work that MCB's digital marketing department manages when they can manage Google Ads alongside being able to work hands-on with optimizing the webshop


The road from 'this site is performing poorly' to 'now we have optimized this site' has therefore been extremely short. And because MCB's digital marketing department constantly analyzes and optimizes/executes several times a month on the webshop, Søvn & Comfort can feel a great improvement on the bottom line.


These are results that speak for themselves, and it further testifies that the new webshop in all areas is more in line with the target group and the the wishes and needs that this has for the use of Søvn & Comfort's webshop.

An ongoing collaboration

Søvn & Comfort is constantly working closely with MCB's digital marketing department - and therefore the department is used as a professional e-commerce manager. Here, a perfectly composed mix of hours and employees takes place, which makes it possible to ensure that the customer is always well covered. The combination of experienced senior consultants who point in the right direction and hard-working junior consultants who carry out the work at a sharp hourly rate is thus the most optimal solution for

Michael Almstrup

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