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Does your Shopware webshop need an inspiring and unforgettable design? You can find help at MCB.

Why is the Design of your Shopware Important?

It is no secret that the design of your webshop plays a crucial role in your online success. This is primarily because the design helps you stand out in a competitive market. It is no longer enough to have a webshop that works technically - the visual expression and user experience are just as important today.


However, designing the design of your Shopware webshop can seem like an overwhelming task in a busy daily life, and many business owners can feel overwhelmed by the task of designing a webshop. This is where Shopware's user-friendliness comes into play. The platform has many tools to customize the website's expression and identity. With Shopware's drag-and-drop editor and their large selection of design templates, you can quickly and easily customize your design without having to think about all the technical details. You can choose to use a template as a basis and then customize colors, images, and layout as desired.


Another significant factor in webshop design is that it can have a significant impact on your brand and reputation. A good and professional design can give customers a sense of trust and credibility, thereby increasing the chance that they choose to shop at your business.


It is also important to remember that a good user experience can lead to greater customer satisfaction and increased loyalty. Shopware's Rule Builder and Flow Builder can help create an intuitive and user-friendly webshop that makes it easy for customers to navigate and add items to their cart.


All of this may seem simple, but it is often a challenging discipline in practice. That's why you'll find experienced designers and Shopware specialists at MCB who can help guide you so that you get a design that sets you apart from the crowd and creates a memorable user experience for your visitors.



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Our Services


We assist you with everything from design and layout to functionality and user-friendliness. Our team of experts will ensure that your webshop is responsive, fast, and secure, and that it will attract and retain customers.

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MCB helps build a strong brand for your Shopware webshop by creating a visual identity that reflects your company's unique character with a logo, color scheme, and design elements that fit your target audience and purpose.

Unikt design


Wireframes for your Shopware webshop help visualize layout, functionality, and user experience. We help plan and test different design options to give you a webshop that is easy to use and converts visitors into customers.


User flow

With user flows, we can guide your customers through the purchasing process in an intuitive and convincing way. We create effective user flows that optimize the user experience and improve conversions, so you can maximize your webshop's potential and increase your revenue.


User Experience Design (UX)

At MCB, your UX is in safe hands. We focus on understanding your customers' behavior and needs so we can optimize the layout, functionality, and content to provide them with a seamless and satisfying shopping experience.


User Interface (UI)

We help design a visually appealing and user-friendly interface (UI) for your Shopware webshop that is both aesthetic and functional. We consider your branding, your customers' needs, and the latest design trends to create a UI that differentiates you from your competitors

Branding in Shopware that suits your needs

Branding in Shopware that suits your needs

A strong branding on your webshop creates credibility and recognition. With Shopware, you have plenty of options to customize many of the visual elements on your webshop. You can change colors, typography, logo, and image sizes and positions using Shopware's built-in theme editor or by adding custom CSS and JavaScript.

In addition, you can install and customize third-party themes and plugins that can help build your brand. If you need help with branding in Shopware, MCB can assist you in building a strong visual identity and implementing it on your webshop.

At MCB, your design is in safe hands

At MCB, your design is in safe hands

Do you know how to make your Shopware webshop stand out from the crowd? Competition is tough. But with an inspiring and memorable webshop design, you can get ahead of your competitors.

MCB is your reliable partner for designing your Shopware webshop. We have years of experience in e-commerce and Shopware design and a passion for delivering outstanding results to our clients.

We take into account all aspects of your webshop, including UX, UI, branding, and functionality, and ensure that the finished product meets your requirements and goals. With MCB, you can rest assured that your Shopware design is in safe hands.

Why you Should let MCB Design your Shopware

Your website's expression and design can play a crucial role in your success. With the right expression and design, you can stand out from the crowd and stick in customers' memories. At MCB, we know it's easier said than done in a busy everyday life where the to-do list is long.


But by letting MCB design your Shopware webshop, you can avoid that headache while saving both time and worry, so you can focus on growing your business and reaching your goals. By entrusting the design process to our specialists, you can be sure to receive a professionally designed and optimized webshop that will attract more customers and increase your revenue.


At MCB, you'll find the expertise and experience required to create an outstanding webshop, where we guide you through the entire process from start to finish, including wireframing, UX design, UI design, development, and implementation.


Our collaboration is always based on close communication with you, so we can understand your individual needs and wishes for your Shopware webshop. We tailor our design process to your specific requirements, so you get a webshop that perfectly matches your company's unique identity and branding.


Our team of specialists in Shopware design are skilled and experienced in creating effective e-commerce platforms. Therefore, you can be sure that the development of the design for your Shopware webshop always takes into account:


  • User experience, user interface, and user flow to ensure that your customers have an intuitive and satisfying shopping experience.

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) to ensure that your webshop can rank high on Google and other search engines.


That way, you get a design that meets both your, users', and Google's expectations. And ultimately paves the way for success!


Throughout the design process, we have close cooperation with you, and you have plenty of opportunities to see the results of our design work and give feedback before we move on to the next phase of the project. That's why nothing is left to chance, and you're always involved in the decisions.


With a collaboration with MCB, you get a Shopware webshop that is easy to navigate, quick to load, and provides your customers with a satisfying shopping experience. So let us help bring your visions to life and build a Shopware webshop that will take your business to the next level



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Frequently Asked Questions about Shopware Design

How do I customize the design of my Shopware store?

Customizing the design of a Shopware store can be done in several ways depending on the desired outcome. Shopware offers the following options for customizing the design:

  1. Using Shopware's Theme Manager to select an existing theme or create a custom theme.
  2. Editing CSS and HTML files directly in Shopware's administration interface.
  3. Adding custom images, logos, and graphics to the Shopware store.
  4. Using Shopware's Layout Manager to change the layout of specific pages.
  5. Using Shopware's Widgets to add specific functions or elements to certain pages
How can I change the colors and fonts on my Shopware store?

You can change the colors and fonts on your Shopware store by going to "Design" in the Shopware backend and selecting "Theme Manager". Here, you can choose the theme you want to customize and then adjust the colors and fonts under the "Settings" tab. You can also add your own CSS styles if you have advanced customization needs. It is important to remember that changes to the theme can affect the store's performance and user experience, so it is recommended to thoroughly test before applying the changes to your live store.

How do I make my Shopware store more user-friendly?

Making a Shopware store more user-friendly is an important factor in attracting and retaining customers. Here are some tips for improving the usability of a Shopware store: Simple navigation structure, Customized contend, Optimized search function, Fast loading time, Responsive design, Clear product description, Easy payment and checkout, Customer feedback.

By taking these steps, a Shopware store can become more user-friendly and provide a better customer experience.

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