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With a Shopware e-commerce strategy, you target your webshop and achieve online success that most only dare to dream of!

Why is it Important to have an E-commerce Strategy?

What is an e-commerce strategy? And why is it important for your Shopware webshop?


These are good and valid questions that we often receive. The important and hard work is not just in developing and setting up a Shopware solution technically. There is also a lot of groundwork in laying the right e-commerce strategy that targets and streamlines the webshop from the project's start, along the way, and afterward.


Any webshop, whether built in Shopify, Magento or Shopware, should have a strategy already in place before the project is launched. Having an e-commerce strategy is crucial to gaining full control, achieving your dreams, and succeeding online. And there are several good reasons for this. An e-commerce strategy helps to:


  • Define your goals and the actions needed to achieve them.

  • Create a plan for your online business and describe how you will reach your goals, what products you will sell, who your target audience is, and how you will market your brand and products.

  • Achieve higher sales and better customer experiences, which can result in greater loyalty and more returning customers.

  • Stand out from your competitors. By having a clear strategy, you can differentiate yourself from other webshops and offer something unique that sets you apart from the crowd.

  • Identify areas where you can improve and create a more efficient business model.

  • Prepare for future trends and changes in the market. By having a clear plan, you can more easily adapt and respond to changing trends and needs in your industry. It is also important to remember that an e-commerce strategy is not static but should be continually adjusted and adapted as your business evolves.


In short, an e-commerce strategy can help give you full control, drive your business, and ensure your online success. At MCB, we can help develop a strategy that fits your needs and goals. We will work closely with you to understand your business objectives and target audience and help define the necessary actions to achieve your goals



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Like any business, webshops on Shopware need SEO, email marketing, Google Ads, personalized campaigns, and more to reach their goals. Even if you have an eye-catching store, you still need marketing to attract potential customers.



Your inventory management process needs to be precise and cost-effective. If you don't have a reliable system, you risk not being able to meet customer demands and ensure fast delivery. We can help you connect your inventory levels with your purchases and campaigns.



In addition to offering gateways, you can use Shopware's integrations, for example, to simplify your accounting process. With such additions, you can minimize human errors in your reports and sell more of what gives the best profit.



75% of all consumers base a webshop's credibility on appearance - this also applies to Shopware webshops! Therefore, we help you create a unique and functional theme that is guaranteed to attract your ideal customers.



We ensure that your strategy matches the design of your webshop, which should provide an intuitive user experience. We combine this with our knowledge based on best practices, such as removing as many touchpoints as possible to ensure a seamless shopping experience.



MCB can increase your chances of more conversions by building or optimizing your webshop for faster page speed. Page speed can be directly correlated with more conversions - and for you, that means more money in the bank.

A Marketing Strategy that Boots your Business

A Marketing Strategy that Boots your Business

An effective marketing strategy is crucial to the success of your Shopware webshop. Without a plan to attract and retain customers, your business may struggle to survive in the competitive e-commerce landscape. But do not despair!

MCB is your savior with a complete marketing team at your disposal. Our experts will collaborate with you to develop a tailored marketing strategy that helps increase the visibility of your webshop and create loyalty among your customers. From SEO and social media to email marketing and PPC advertising, we will help you reach your marketing goals and take your Shopware webshop to the next level.

MCB Helps with your UX strategy

MCB Helps with your UX strategy

A good UX strategy can make a world of difference for your Shopware webshop. If your website is difficult to navigate or has a boring design, it can scare away potential customers and lead to poor sales numbers. In a busy everyday life, it can seem like an overwhelming task. Nevertheless, it is still an extremely important task.

MCB has the specialists to help you with exactly this. Our UX experts work closely with you to understand your customers' needs and create an intuitive and visually appealing webshop. We focus on everything from user-friendliness and navigation flow to color schemes and layout. With a strong UX strategy in place, you can expect to see a significant improvement in your conversion rates and an increase in customer satisfaction

How MCB can Help with you Shopware Strategy

MCB is your ideal partner when it comes to developing and implementing a successful Shopware strategy. We have teams of experts with many years of experience helping businesses increase their online presence and revenue. From start to finish, we will be there to help you create a successful Shopware webshop. You will have the assistance of a good handful of specialists, each with their own area of expertise:



UX Team

In the startup phase and throughout the development of your Shopware webshop, you will have close collaboration with our UX specialists, who will help you create a user-friendly and visually impressive webshop. Together with you, we will develop a strategy for the user journey and pursue good user experiences that take into account your specific business and target audience.


Shopware developers

Our technical developers will also help you choose the right plugins and integrate them into your webshop, so you can maximize its functionality and performance. We will also help ensure that your webshop is fully optimized for mobile and desktop, so it works perfectly on all devices.


Marketing Specialist

When you are ready to take the market by storm with your new webshop, our marketing team is ready to develop a customized marketing strategy that fits your needs and goals. We advise you on everything from Google Ads, YouTube, social media, email marketing, and various advertisements in the big media landscape. All with the goal of increasing the visibility of your webshop and reaching more potential customers.


Shopware Support

Finally, our team will be available to provide maintenance and support, so you can always have peace of mind. We will ensure that your webshop always runs smoothly and efficiently, and that any technical issues are resolved quickly and effectively.



With the right specialists on the team and over 20 years of experience in running e-commerce businesses, you can be sure that your e-commerce strategy for your Shopware webshop is in safe hands with MCB. We ensure that you have everything you need in one digital consulting house, so your webshop is soon on its way to success!



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Frequently Asked Questions about Shopware Strategy

What is an e-commerce strategy?

An e-commerce strategy is a plan for building and operating a successful e-commerce business. It typically includes goals, target audiences, product offerings, marketing channels, business models, payment and delivery options, and technology required to operate the online store. An e-commerce strategy helps create a cohesive and focused approach to building and operating an online store, ensuring that all aspects of the business work towards common goals.

How do I get started with an e-commerce strategy?

To get started with an e-commerce strategy, you should first define your goals and target audience, research your competitors, and analyze the market. After that, you can consider what business model and product range you want to offer and how you will market your webshop and attract customers.

It is also important to consider payment and delivery options, as well as the choice of technology and platform that will be used to run the webshop. It may be a good idea to seek help from experts or a consultant who can assist in developing an effective e-commerce strategy.

Why is it important to have a strategy for your webshop?

It is important to have a strategy for your webshop as it helps define the goals and the plan to achieve them. A strategy will ensure coherence and focus in all aspects of the webshop, including design, user-friendliness, marketing, and technology. This will help increase visibility, sales, and customer satisfaction, and ensure a more efficient and successful webshop.

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